Camping Food

Camping outdoors is a wonderful experience. Apart from the camaraderie of friends or families having fun together, delicious camping food makes it even more memorable.

Camping food is an important part of camping. So make sure when organizing a camping trip, you must properly plan what you need to do and have a list of things to bring. In the list of things to bring, apart from the usual change of clothing, toiletries, torchlight, matches, a Swiss knife, maps, compass et al, are things that have to do with food. Your personal eating utensils plus camping food such as your favorite snacks, fruit like apples and oranges, or dried fruit like raisins, dried berries, a supply of canned goods, cereal and bread that can last at least the three or four days of camp. Check the expiry date before you buy your loaf or buns.

Usually, camps have one master cook who takes care of all the camping gear needed for cooking camping food. He would probably have an assistant or two who will help him in carrying and preparing up to standard camping food. They would probably be carrying dry food stuff including potatoes, carrots, fruits and other provision that need no refrigeration; chilled meat already marinated in proper coolers. 

 Plan your camping meals using the best option for excellent camping food, canned food or anything that can be kept fresh outdoors, easy to prepare and does not need much time to cook. Avoid bringing dairy products that can go rancid or melt unless you plan to use it immediately on the very first day of your camping. Milk in tetra packs should be alright. They will last when kept unopened. Once opened drink every drop and don’t keep any left over. Share the milk if you can’t finish by yourself. Olive oil packed in small quantities would be a better choice than butter. It does have a tasty buttery flavor but more fruity. It will make an interesting difference from the usual camping food.

If you really need to have hamburger patties as part of your camping food menu make sure you cook that first. The marinated meat can last as long as your cooler has enough ice, otherwise, have your chops, steaks and fresh sausages barbecued as soon as possible before the ice melts into warm water.

The first year I went for camping, the burgers went bad because we planned to cook it at a later time; the next camping trip I forgot to bring butter. There was a store nearby but it cost more than what was bought from the supermarket.

So to avoid spoiling the day, make sure you have that check list of things that you need for scrumptious camping food and make sure you did not leave anything behind. Bring more than enough food because you may be far from any towns or camping stores and you never know you may need to whip up some extra camping food to share.

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