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The popularity of the Harry Potter Book series is quite astounding. Many people, children, teenagers and adults alike were keen to get a hold of each Harry Potter book as it first came out. Some even queued hours before the book shop opened, just like my friend who joined the queue at midnight. She did this for most of the books except the last one, when she was not in town. Many the world over are fascinated with the story of this boy magician, eagerly anticipating what will happen in each of the next book. 

I may be the lone person on earth who does not own a single Harry Potter Book and who has not watched any of the movies. Some may tell me I must be beside myself and missing something. Thankfully, I need not rush out to buy books. Popular books such as the series of Harry Potter books should still be in book stores, on sale online (some may even be autographed by the author or first editions) and they should be in the libraries where you can borrow them for free. I can leisurely take my time savoring each Harry Potter book and it will be a refreshingly new experience for me as I curl into a comfortable chair and get mesmerized by the words that leap up from each page.

Avid readers would definitely start with the very first Harry Potter book, known in the UK as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone while in the US it was published as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The first editions will be hardback and generally expensive. By now the Harry Potter books should be available in paperbacks which are cheaper and perhaps better if you are on a budget. Of course if you want to buy a Harry Potter book as a collector’s item you would want the hard bound first edition no matter the cost.

The movies have been shown and there have been discussions about the characters and the plots and the author’s comments as well. People say the series are really a great reading experience. So to really enjoy reading the series, I would not watch any of the movies nor get entangled in the discussions until I have read each Harry Potter Book first. Until then, let each page I read from every Harry Potter book be a tantalizing surprise. So, if you have not picked up any of the books,    join me in this exciting journey into the enchanting world of Harry Potter.


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