Handmade Greeting Cards

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Glued to your seats watching television or playing games, surfing the net and even working on computers? Notice how our hands are constantly cradling a cell phone, amusing ourselves with an iPod or PSPs.

We even send e-cards all over the world or even next door, because we just don’t have time or have forgotten to purchase a card for someone’s birthday or some other occasion. Store bought greeting cards, available in a variety of choices in shops everywhere can be costly and a waste of time. Sometimes you browse at the store, and find out there is no suitable card.

Personal hand-made greeting cards are still the best. They are unique, one-of-a-kind cards especially made for certain individuals and are mementos you would want to keep or display as art work.

For those who make hand made greeting cards it is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. It’s time spent wisely even if one does his craft while watching tv or listening to music. For once you are away from all those electronic gadgets doing something creative with your hands. Your imagination stretches especially when you are thinking of a particular friend or family member for whom you are making the card.

Making hand made greeting cards can be environmental friendly and inexpensive. Your creative impulses are fired up already as you gather materials for your hand made greeting cards.

Things around the house can be used for hand made greeting cards: ribbons, raffia, strings and pieces of scrap fabric to design appliqué pictures on your cards. Re-use and recycle by cutting pictures and alphabets from old greeting cards and glossy magazines.

 Rummage in the kitchen for spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise; pick out beans, macaroni, grains of rice and green beans to use to decorate your hand made greeting cards and envelopes for that singular and exclusive touch. While walking in the park or in the garden, gather small leaves or flowers you can press to make nature cards.

Dream up something abstract, or devise quilt patterns. The variety of hand made greeting cards you fashion is as innumerable and vast as your imagination and the materials you have.

Cut cost by buying card stock, construction paper and other special paper whenever there are store sales. Visit garage sales where there will be craft materials being sold by people who have not been able to use them.  

Have a box to put your hand made greeting cards and organize all the materials and tools you will use for your craft. Make sure you have your supply of glue, fasteners, scissors, colored pens, pencils and markers. You may want to invest in a calligraphy pen to write your special greetings. Put your art container in an accessible spot so when you need to make one or several cards, everything is ready to create your masterpieces.


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