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What is Tuber Culosis?

Tuber Culosis is commonly an infectious disease caused by various species of micro bacteria Mycobacterium tuber Culosis. It usually attack lungs and is spread through air by people who have active MTB infected cough and sneezes. TB is highly is infectious and is deadly as well; it leads to death in more than 60 % of untreated cases. It is spreading at the rate of 1 new infection per sec.

Cause of Tuber Culosis

The main cause of TB in humans is Mycobacterium TB or MTB. Its a good new for us that it divides at slower rate than other bacteria. It divides every 16 – 20 hours. MTB can withstand weak disinfectant can survive for more than a week in dry conditions. Another cause can be silicosis, that means an unnecessary about of silica in your body which irritate the respiratory system. Silicosis occurs to laborers working in mines where silica dust enters their body while cutting, breaking of rocks. A person suffering from it increases his changes of Tb by 30 %.


A single sneeze can release 40000 droplets an done of them can spread the infection to another human host. Only a fewer than 10 bacteria can lead to TB. Tb can also be spread by sharing of needles in people involved in drug consumption.


When the disease becomes active, 75 % of cases have infected lungs. Its symptoms includechest pain, coughing blood out; other symptoms may include fever, chills, sweating, weight loss, appetite loss, weight loss, fatigue and pallor.

Other 25 % sufferers have their infection moved to other parts of body. This occurs to people of low immunity and children. It affects CNS in meningitis, bones and joints and spine too. It also can be called MTB.


A person with TB is diagnosed by detection of MTB in a sample of Pus. BCG, Bacillus calmette Guerin, vaccine is commonly used worldwide. BCG is given in areas with highest prevalence of TB. For others a new vaccine MVA85A is developed in Oxford University. TB requires longer periods of treatment (6 to 24 months). Other than these medics TB bacteria develops resistance towards them. So now a new short course strategy called DOTS is produced. It was confirmed in 1970 India. But the prices of these methods are very high. So for poor people there’s no way out. So first there’s a global need to get rid of Poverty only then TB would be completely eradicated off the world.

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