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If you don’t know or if you are just curious about your personal credit score then you can get a credit report. You will especially want to know your credit report if you are about to apply for a credit card, bank loan or if you are thinking about buying a car or putting a down payment on a property. If you have been refused a credit card or loan you can refer to your credit report in order to find out why your application was refused.

Obtaining your credit report is no longer difficult. It does not require any paper work or appointments. It can all be done from home. Your credit report can be obtained over the internet. If you search online you will see that there are many websites, these allow you to sign up and access your credit report. Many years ago I was about to apply for a new credit card, I had seen a website offering a free credit report so I signed up to it.

As it goes the website was free, but I did have to provide my credit card number and some personal information. I was informed that my credit report would then be sent to me by mail, I am still waiting to receive it. I had given them my credit card details but luckily they didn’t take any money from my account. I do however regret trusting them and signing up with the site. In order to protect yourself I recommend that you use a well known and trusted credit report service. These include Experian and Equifax.   You will have to pay a low cost fee for using these, but in turn you will receive an accurate and true account of your credit score rating. The charge is approximately $30 USD. For a detailed report the fee maybe more.

I recommend that before committing yourself to a credit report website you research on the internet. Don’t get drawn in by gimmicks or any offers for free credit reports, most often there is some kind of catch or draw back. In many cases it could be a scam website. These websites collect your personal data along with millions of other peoples and uses it for illegal purposes. By taking a little time to research the best place to obtain your credit report, you will prevent any problems from arising in the future.

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