Self Tanning

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On average most people these days prefer to be tanned, statistics show that 90% of today’s population want a year round tan. That percentage is unbelievable, so what is it that makes people what a tanned skin tone. The phenomenon started back in the 1920’s when Coco Channel returned from a vacation with a golden tan. People wanted to follow in her steps. Unlike a suntan, this phenomenon has not faded over time! The amount of people wanting a golden glow has increased, with both teenagers and adults seeking the sun kissed look. Extensive research shows that tanning is not safe or healthy for us. This leaves us to seek alternative ways to achieve the color we want. This comes in the form of self tanners. Nowadays we can purchase a lotion to apply to our body and face in order to achieve a tan. 

Even though self tanners are easy to purchase at any drug or department store people are not happy with them. They dislike the smell and believe that they make your skin appear orange and streaky. People are still not convinced that self tanners are as good as the real thing. The sun is not good for us, it causes our skin to age before its time, makes it appear rather leather looking and above all else it leads to skin cancer. So the negatives really do outweigh the positives. The same problems exist with tanning beds. People use to be under the impression that using a tanning bed would be safe, but these are as bad as the sun and can cause the same damaging effects. Self tanners will not cause skin damage or increase wrinkles.Many of us crave a bronzed skin tone or healthy glow. If this is how you feel then why not take a look at self tanners. These have evolved over time and new methods and products have become available. You can go to a professional beauty therapist who can apply streak free self tanners. Self tanners can be subtle. There are a new range of body lotions available, which have a hint of color in them. They will give you a light tan minus the streaks, as they are a lotion they will moisturize your skin and leave it smelling nice at the same time. Why not do a search online, you will be surprised how many modern self tanners are available. No one says you have to be pale, use a self tanner and look after your skin.


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