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For the past few years You Tube has been a huge hit. You Tube is ranked as highly as the search engines Google, MSN and Yahoo. On a daily basis millions of web users search You Tube’s most popular videos looking for particular content.

In order to find out about You Tube’s most popular videos we researched through the statistics and tracking sites and came up with the following list of sought after videos:

1. Music & Concert Videos:

Through the use of You Tube many musicians have found a way to be heard. They are able to market their material. Many record labels upload their videos to the internet which are then edited, copied and blended with others to create a unique video. These videos are capable of getting millions of hits however many people infringe copyright laws and download these onto other devices which in reality results in less CD sales.

2. Funny Kid & Pet Bloopers:

Some of You Tube’s most popular videos are similar to the videos shown on the TV show America’s Funniest Home Video, these videos feature lovable children and cute animals in funny situations that make the viewers laugh. You Tube features thousands of videos showing laughing babies and comical animals. It is a great source of light entertainment.

3. Rare Events:

Many people search You Tube for rare videos on things that do not happen daily, they try to seek the videos on things that they did not see with their own eyes. People are intrigued by these videos. Subjects such as UFO’s, freak accidents, crash and rescue efforts and natural disasters e.g. storms, tsunamis and hurricanes are all subjects that web users search for.

4. Accidents and Pratfalls:

As with rare videos people who didn’t witness an incident with their own eyes will turn to You Tube to watch the incident on video. Popular videos include accidents involving skateboards and cars and people trying to carry out silly and often dangerous stunts. Most of us watch them in shock at how someone can be so dumb as to try something so dangerous in the first place.

5. Violence & Horror:

Some people want to watch violence and horror, personally it is the last thing I want to see but these come in as one of the top subjects searched on You Tube’s most popular videos. Viewers tend to watch school fights, wrestling in the street and fights during sports matches. War and rioting are other leading keywords that are often searched for. Popular scenes from existing horror movies are also amongst the sought after videos.

6. Sex:

You Tube does try to limit the sexy nature of their videos however this does not stop people searching You Tubes popular videos for sex. Low key videos showing women in their underwear and by the pool or beach in their bikinis are popular. 

You Tube is a popular site and has its positive and negative aspects just like any other site. It is however one of the first websites that people search when they are looking for a particular video.


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