All You Need To Know About – Osama Bin Laden –

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9/11 terrorist attack, thinking of this the terror strikes all over our mind. After the World Trade Centre attack in 2001 America had started a war against terrorism. Osama Bin Laden had become the God of terrorism. Who had created the world of terror on the name of Jihad.

Born:   March 10, 1957.

Full Name : Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Avad Bin Laden.

Birth Place : Riyad.

Country : Saudi Arab.

Height : 6 feet 4 inch.

Weight : 72 Kilo.

Nick Names : The prince, the sheikh, Al Amir, Abu Abdulla, Sheikh Al Mujhahid,  Lion Sheikh, The director.


Osama was the son of Mohammed Bin Laden who was the owner of the largest construction company in Saudi Arab. The company was responsible for the construction of 80 % of the roads in Saudi Arab. Their family had relations with the royal families of Saudi Arab. Osama had 52 brothers and sisters (including him) and he was the 17th child of his parents. Osama’s mother’s name was Hamida who was the 10th wife of Mohammed Bin Laden. He was the only son of his mother. After some time, his parents had divorced and his mother married to some other person. Osama’s father died in 1968 in a plane crash. The crash is said to be responsible because of the America’s pilot mistakes. After his father Osama’s elder brother, who was the chief of his family also died in a plane crash. These two crashes really had a deep effect on Osama’s life.


Osama was shy since childhood. And he was an average student in his schools. But still there are many information about his education, and it is believed that he secured a civil engineering graduation.


At the age of 17 Osama married a girl from Pakistan. Apart from this, he had married 4 more women. In total he had more than 23 children.

Religious Life

As a poetry writer Osama always had a bend towards the religious subjects. During his graduation from civil engineering in Shah Abdulla Azeez University, Osama met a lot of Islamic preachers and students. He used to preach Jihad and Quran. He believed that Muslim world could only be developed by following Jihad. He was against every republican, pan Arab and every constitution. He stated Mulla Amar’s Taliban Empire as the one Islamic Country of Muslims. The most important thing he vowed was to target children and women on the name of Jihad.

Mujahidin Life

 In December 1979, when Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, Osama left his royal peaceful life and joined Mujahidin and picked up weapons. These were the Mujahidin fighters whose main mission was to remove Soviet soldiers from Afghanistan. During his stay in Afghanistan he met his preacher Abdulla Aram who was a Philistine Islamic philosopher. In 1984 Osama organized a group named Al-Khidmat  with the help of Abdulla. This group organized weapons, soldiers and money from the Arab countries. He started wearing a Soldier Jacket. And he always kept a Soviet rifle with him. It is believed that Osama killed a soviet soldier with bare hands and got that rifle. He keeps the rifle as a sign of victory.

During the cold war, to fight against communist – soviet union , American Dealers sold weapons to Afghan Mujahidin. At last in 1989, Soviet union left Afghan.

Death : 2 May, 2011.

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