Healthy Dessert Ideas

So you are on a diet and want to eat a healthy dessert. Is there such a thing? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider a healthy desert? Maybe you think of oat cakes and the thought turns your stomach, you would rather a chocolate cake to curb your craving any day. If so then let’s approach the subject of healthy deserts.  We can all sympathize with those feelings, and I for sure have experienced those craving many a time. So what are the healthy alternatives to the disgusting oat cakes that do not satisfy our taste buds? There are in fact many healthy alternatives and options that can make a healthy desert more pleasing. This does include developing an alternative mental attitude.To begin with, we will look at the alternatives available to you. An excellent sweetener is part milled rice. This can be made into rice syrup. This is a great healthy alternative for you. Recommendations for its use include on toasted bread or waffles or even mixed with yogurt. Milled rice can also be used to make frozen dessert. This is a great substitute for ice cream. Keep an eye out for it next time you are at the supermarket. An excellent tasting substitute for chocolate is known as carob. A number of people use a healthy alternative sweetener for their tea and coffee, this is known as Stevia extract.There are a large range of tasty and healthy deserts available that many people are not aware of. If you are on a diet or exercising then next time you visit your local health food store, ask them about their range of alternative healthy desserts.So now that you know there are many healthy alternatives available, you should adapt your attitude towards them. You do not have to pretend that you like something if you do not like it, however you should be aware that there is a reason for your dislike. The reasons are unlikely to be just physical and are most likely emotional.Craving the taste of something sweet is often due to the need to fill a void. There is nothing wrong with this, many people feel the same. We are seeking the rush that sugar gives us, and looking for the feeling we get from consuming unhealthy deserts. If you are patient and continue to eat alternative healthy deserts then you can achieve the same feeling. The deserts that you eat do not really provide you with the sweet buzz that you feel, it is you. If having eaten an unhealthy dessert and you suddenly feel happier then you should look deeper. You will realize that it was your own need for it, and your personal attitude towards it that made you feel happier.In time and with practice you will combat the negative attitudes towards healthier options. You will become just as content with these alternatives. Oat cakes and similar foods will start to become more appealing to you, which will result in an easier approach to diet and exercise.

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