10 Most Dangerous Jobs in The Uk.

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The very nature of some jobs make it impossible for the employer to assure work place safety.  As per a survey report, 241 people suffer fatal injuries every year while doing their jobs in the UK.  Some jobs are more dangerous than others.

List of 10 dangerous jobs in the UK

  1. Deep sea workers:  This job is found to be the most dangerous in the UK.  Even though the remuneration is attractive, risks involved are huge.  People in this profession are fifty times more likely to die when compared to those in other professions.

  2. Bomb squad:  These people are known as “Felix” as they are like cats with nine lives.  For most of us, the danger of not doing our job properly may be a loss of a few pounds.  Worst case scenario would be that we are fired.  But members of the bomb squad will have to pay with their life for their mistake.  The pay packet is also not very attractive with around 30,000 pounds a year.

  3. Construction workers:  Nature of their job exposes them to the risks of accidents.  Scaffolders and steeplejacks are at greater risk of getting injured when compared to others.

  4. Policemen:  This profession involves lot of stress and risk.  They are prone to attacks from anti social elements throughout the day.  

  5. Coast guards: These people risk their lives to save the lives of others.  

  6. Bodyguards: These people guard celebrities and VIPs.  They put themselves in the line of fire.  

  7. Land mine removers: People working in this profession risk their limbs when they are on the field.  

  8. Commercial heavy vehicle drivers: These drivers spend most of their day behind the wheel.  Tight deadlines and long working hours are pushing them to skip breaks.  This is leading to more accidents.

  9. Oil or gas riggers: Their jobs have become risky with increase in terrorist activities in the recent years.  Common risks include explosion and kidnapping:

  10. War zone guards: People working in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are exposed to more risk.


We need to thank the people for taking up these risky jobs.  Because there has to be some one to do these jobs.


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