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There are incredible amounts of free to play MMO’s readily available to play. I constantly find myself searching for something new something fun to play. These are a few of the games i would recommend to anyone looking for some fun.

  • 1. Allods Online. This game is absolutely a World of Warcraft Rip-off but its beautiful and has a ton to offer. The only negative about this game is it can take entirely too long to level up. I played this game for atleast 10 hours before even leaving the first town.

  • 2. Runes of Magic. This game looks similar to World of Warcraft as Well but offers quite a bit different take on the entire MMORPG genre. You can also create Houses as soon as you leave the toutorial zone. The only downside to this game is that it is a fairly huge download. The HD version of this title is nearly 10gigs once its patched. 

  • 3.World of Warcraft. I know what you are saying World of Warcraft is a pay to play game, well yes and no. You can actually find a whole plethora of Private servers available to play WOW on. I would recommend the private server Molten WOW. It has the highest population and the least amount of bugs The only downside i could find to playing on Private servers instead of Retail was that the population is signifigantly lower like 3-4k people per server instead of 100+k and that the game itselt isnt as up to date as the latest patch. Molten Wow uses patch 3.3.5 where retail is past 4.0.1.

There are absolutely many other MMO’s readily available to try but these are the ones i find myself coming back to in the end. I also have tried MMO’s such as IRIS Online, Ultima Online, Fiesta Online, Vindictus, and Many More None of these games can compare to the three i listed above. I hope this infomation helps you make an informed choice on which free to play MMO is worth the time and effort to download and play.

If you have any questions or want to make a comment about this article please contact me on my personal Twitter, at!/Bank_uo Thanks for reading my list of Free MMO’s 


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