Rio; Directed by Carlos Saldahna Film Review

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Dr. Barbosa (Gracinha Leporace) discovers them both in Minnesota, informs Linda that Blue is the only surviving male macaw in the world, and convinces Linda to relocate to Rio de Janeiro so Blue may mate with Jewel (Anne Hathaway), a female macaw. 

Both Linda and Blue find the warm air of Brazil to be an exotic place contrary to Minnesota in every way possible.  They arrive during the festive celebration, Carnival where Brazil is alive with parades, colorful costumes, and energetic dances.   As the last pair of their species, Blue and Jewel find themselves the target of relentless poachers who stop at nothing to capture them.  The fight for the duo’s survival proves to be a dangerously adventurous task for the owners, numerous birds who seek freedom from the criminals, and a gang of friends they meet along the way including Nico (Jaime Foxx), Pedro (Will I Am), and Luiz, the bulldog played by Tracy Morgan.  The crew realizes that Blue needs as much help as possible with impressing Jewel due to his awkward yet comical attempts to express his infatuation with her.  He’s clumsy, inexperienced, and needless to say, a frustrated bird.  Coaching him only adds to the fun!

Blue realizes all the fun that he has been missing as a domesticated bird that cannot fly yet is very reluctant to fathom the thought of being away from Linda’s care.  Blue realizes that flying is about letting go of his inhibitions that domesticated life has embedded in him.  He lets go, fails many times, but finally discovers himself.  The movie is an inspiration from Blue’s perspective. 

Ultimately, the film proves to be a romantic, comical film for the entire family to enjoy.   As Blue re-connects with his roots, he finds himself and inspires love between the nerdy doctor and his brainiac of an owner, Linda.  The two develop a bond that stems from their love of birds and blossoms as they make brave sacrifices to find Blue and Jewel. 

Adults and children alike will appreciate the humor, vibrant colors, and musical selections which account for an insanely entertaining film from beginning to end.  Blue Sky has created a timeless film that is sure to remain a box office favorite for generations to come.  Overall, the movie is an 8 out of 10.


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