Skyline; Directed by Colon And Gred Straus: Movie Review

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Jarrod (Eric Balfor) and his pregnant girlfriend, Elain (Scotty Thompson) are invited to L.A. by Jarrod’s friend, Terry played by Donald Faison for a celebration.  Terry also attempts to convince Jarrod to relocate to L.A.  Instead of recovering from their hangovers in peace, the crew is visited by aliens who emit paralyzing beams of light that ultimately sucks the life out of each victim before abducting their bodies. 

The main problem with this movie is that the audience has to wait until the last ten minutes of the film to really understand the plot.  Aside from Candice’s (Brittany Daniel) discovery that her boyfriend is cheating on her and Jarrod finding out that Elaine is pregnant, there is not much of a plot at all.  In fact, the first eighty minutes of the movie is a killing spree in which the audience is given absolutely no explanation for the aliens’ attack, their motive, or any hope for survival of the human race.  Although the likelihood of an human victory against a superior alien race is slim to none in reality, the film doesn’t even show many options for escape as the entire movie is confined to an apartment building.

Aside from the crafty special effects, the film’s ending is just about the most interesting aspect of the entire movie.  Without revealing too much, the final scenes provide clarity to an ambiguous script.  The romance element of the movie is not only cheesy to say the least, but absolutely unbelievable.  The plot’s substance is based upon Jarrod’s insistence upon protecting his newfound family.  However, he totally refused to accept that he was ready for a family when he received the news that he is going to be a father. 

Overall, the film was both frustrating and boring.  The viewers are left hoping that the sequel will do more to develop the transformed characters and have more of a plot to follow.     In comparison to other films with the “alien invasion” theme, such as Independence Day, the characters are sucked away one by one before the audience really gets the opportunity to care about their roles.  If you want to be entertained, don’t bother watching this one.  Skyline receives 4 out of 10. 


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