Make Money With Your Blogs: Easy or Hard?

On the internet there are millions of people who are writing blogs.  Some write them as a journal, they are meant only for family and friends, others are more for the public they are there to offer something to the readers who read them, and comment on them.

Commenting on a blog is great but what most people want is money, and they would like to get it in a fast and easy method. Yet, most people will read something along the lines of making money on a blog is “X.”  In other words they don’t know if it is hard or easy. 

Let’s say that you have a blog which is about animals of the amazon.  You market it, by putting it on Stumble Upon or on Digg and many other social networking sites.  You get traffic and a lot of comments.  You then put up Google AdSense since you are certain that it will make you money.  This is on blogger.

Right?  Well maybe, but there is a “rub” to this, and that is that sometimes what the contextual ads offer for your blog might not be a good fit and you will end up making pennies for all your hard work.  So, you try amazon, after all people want books, and this makes you a bit of money.

No one said it would be easy.

let’s take another example:

Your blog is about publishing, and you have AdSense ads up and you write on a regular basis and you get some traffic from the socvial networking sites and some traffic from regular visitors who comment on a resonable basis. So this would mean it’s harder to make money. This is on blogger.

Right?  Well, maybe because if you do a quick keyword search you will find that some of the contextual ads on Google Adsense do make a bit more money on these sorts of blogs than say on blogs about the amazon.  It has teh same domain– blogger as the other one.

So when you think you’ll make money online, maybe you’ll need to think about teh chances of making the earnings you want with the topics you are writing about.

A few things to know:

1) both have traffic:  Some are updated more than others and some aren’t. Traffic matters and it doesn’t even if you get search engine traffic.

2) Not everything you write about makes money:  This is a fact you can write about publishing and still not make money with AdSense, but make a lot with Amazon, whereas the next guy makes money with AdSense and not Amazon.

3) it is not easy to make money… but it is not hard either: You do have to put effort into your work and your business.  This holds true for any online writing you do.

4) Publishing a blog post on a regular basis:  This is a must, don’t give up after the first year.  it can take that long and more to be found on the search engines.

5) it is more than a website: In many ways it is similar to online websites, many of whic can make you money and many of which not.  It all depends.

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