50 Awesome Tips to Write Articles Fast (Really Fast): Part 3

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I have made a list of 50 superb tips that will change your perspective of article writing and it will make you one of the most prolific writers the World Wide Web has ever seen. I have already published the first two parts of this article series which are

50 Awesome Tips to write Articles Fast (Really fast): Part 1

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  1. Make 20 Titles from one title: I am telling you one of the best techniques in the beginning. When you plan to write an article on a niche say Affiliate Marketing, you should write down 20 possible title related to Affiliate Marketing like

·        How I became an Affiliate Marketer

·        Step by step technique to become the best affiliate marketer

·        Squidoo and Affiliate Marketing: The best Couple

·        Money earned from Affiliate Marketing

·        Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Blogging

·        Top Ten tips to successful Affiliate Marketing

·        ……………………….

·        ………………………

               Write 20 Titles emerging from one concept/topic/niche. If you run out of article ideas consider Free Article Writing Templateor Huge list of 150 Compelling Titles. Now make it a point to write 20 articles on these 20 title topics this day (if you have a day off) or save then in your monthly calendar for the nest 20 days! They will come in great use if you run out of ideas someday. You will also save a lot of time on keyword research and you can interlink then to get more visitors from search engines (interlinking makes your articles seo friendly). You can also submit them to different article directories. In this way you are writing 20 times more article than you might have probably written

  1. Make mind maps:

Take a sheet of paper or whiteboard and marker. Think about your topic/niche. Write it down. My topic is Chitika Earnings. Than draw arrow away from the topic and write about related sub topics like Google AdSense comparison, Bukisa and Chitika,  Chitika revenue sharing websites Earning Formulae Waysto maximize Chitika earnings. These are your sub topics. Then consider each of the sub topics and drill them down again. For example, in the Ways to maximize Chitika earnings you can write Search engine visitors count more

Bing search engine optimization and methods

Visitors from U.S and Canadaare more important for Chitika You will be amazed to fine how many things you can come across using the mind mapping technique. You will also be surprised to find out how little time it will take to write the actual article because you already know so much. I am proud of you. Take care of the sheet of paper or white board (Precautions: keep it out of the reach of children). Use it when you write the article

Example of a mind map

  1. Breakdown a large article into 2-3 parts: Instead of writing one long 2500 word article it is better to write 5 articles of 500 words each. Do you see this article? I could have written 50 tips in one article. But, no it “ain’t impressive”, so I decided to write 5 articles each consisting of 10 tips. Technically, I wrote 5 articles instead of 1 article. Read these five articles here

50 Awesome Tips to write Articles Fast (Really fast): Part 1

50 Awesome Tips to write Articles Fast (Really fast): Part 2

  1. Simplest Writing template of 5 paragraphs: If you are not inspired by the Article Templates, You can use the simplest 5 paragraph article template. The first paragraph is the introduction and description of topic/problem/niche. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraph are three solutions/pointers/aspects related to niche. The 5th or the last paragraph is the conclusion in which you give a final verdict. This is easy and simple. Try to write one article related to this simplest template now.
  2. 5 minute starter imagination: sit back and relax. Now or the nest 5 minutes image and visualize what your nest article will be. Picture it in your mind. For example, after writing this article, I plan to write an article about How to become a super organized mom. I imagine that it will contain a picture of a glamorous looking mom with 3 kids. I will write tips to use menu planners, grocery list, time management, stress management techniques. I will also include links to free download that might help moms. It is always good to visualize the last concluding paragraph so that the writer knows where to go. I believe the last paragraph would be an advice to moms to never compare themselves to other moms. I will also tell them that super organization has its benefits and you will feel them when people appreciate you and your family members are happy. I will also include 2-3 sentences about the fact that super organized moms should always have some time planned to pamper themselves so that they do not feel unhappy of stressed by the daily routine. Then I will take it out on a piece of paper by making a mind-map (mentioned earlier) or pointers (mentioned in Part I)
  3. Monthly/Weekly Planner: Make a monthly planner or use one you already have. IT resembles a monthly calendar, but it has a little space along with the dates for you to write. Write as many article titles that come in your mind. You can also use the Make 20 Titles from 1 title (mentioned earlier in this article). If you have written many article idea you have your month planned ahead it means that you have to write each article every day, so that you can move on to the next.
  4. One hour deadline: Now, this method is advised when you have already done the research about your topic (including keyword research), now you set yourself a one hour deadline in which you have to write this article. Currently, I am writing this article according to the one hour deadline. Just 3 tips left buddy.

8.      PLRarticles: PLR articles means articles with Private Label Rights. You can purchase them or you can get them as free downloads. You cannot use them exactly because many other people might have already bought them and are using them on their websites. They also have a poor keyword density.You have to rewrite them. For a complete description about how to rewrite article see How to submit different versions of the same article and earn more money. Look at one of a PLR article that was rewritten by me, Three Levels of a Domain Name.

  1. Stop checking your earning: Do not check your earnings everyday. Checking your earnings tends to depress many people. You can suffer from Writers Block. Many people suffer a decreased tendency to write article let alone write article faster. Check them every Friday or some other day. Try to check them weekly or after a forth night.
  2. Type faster: When one starts their freelance career, keyboard seems scary to a newbie. Do not worry, with the passage of time, you will get used to the new guy. You can also take some typing classes or polish your typing skills. Check your typing skills here



60 wpm (word per minute) is a good typing speed. But there is no limit people can type up to 200 word per minute. Amazing!

I hope you liked this article. After writing three articles about “how to write articles faster”, I believe I am also writing articles fast (really fast). Tell me about your experience with these tips. Read the other articles here.

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