Two Ways to Get Your Site Noticed by Search Engines

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Any webmaster, internet marketer or business owner – whether their business is internet-based or a brick and mortar – knows that getting traffic to their website is extremely important. A website can be very well made and be attractive to users, but in order for people to find it, you need to get it noticed. There are, of course, plenty of different ways to do this. The field of online advertising is one that is very diverse and competitive. One way of getting traffic is by buying ad space on other websites so that when a person clicks the ad, they will be redirected to your website. This is not a bad way to promote a site. In fact, some people have made millions of dollars of profits just from traffic coming from ad placement on 3rd party sites and ad distribution networks. But, there is a better way to get traffic, and an Internet Marketing Boston expert can help you with it.

What is this way? Well, think of what a user does when they are looking for a product or service that they want… Very often, they will search for related keywords in a search engine. As of now, Google remains the most popular search engine of the entire world, but there are others as well, such as Bing (formerly MSN). Getting in a search engine index is very easy. In fact, it requires no action on your part. Search engine spiders automatically scour the web for new sites and add them to their index.

However, having a solid ranking in the search results is harder, especially if you are in an industry that is very competitive. A Boston SEO specialist is someone who specializes in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. An SEO expert will be able to find ways to make your site rank better, giving you measurable results.

While doing SEO on any website is good, you should know that even if you work with the most qualified SEO expert in the world, you can’t get a site to go from position 9432 to position 1 in search results overnight! However, you CAN still get almost as much traffic as the number 1 site in search results by using Pay Per Click advertising. This is a very powerful advertising method, and can bring you thousands of visitors overnight, as your site will appear in the sponsored results, next to the natural ones. A Boston SEM expert will help you with all aspects of search engine marketing, and can do things like manage your campaigns for you, and provide valuable advice. This advice will be very useful, as Pay Per Click advertising can be quite difficult to master if you do not have any previous experience with it.

Karen Barney wrote this article for inSegment. She is recommending inSegment’s Internet Marketing Boston , Boston SEO, and Boston SEM services for those who are in interest.


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