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If you’re to shop for art off the beaten path, you will be looking for different art works in less frequented places or those that can be considered as something that will earn recognition in the future. Simply stated, they are the art works that are not of the current raves or sought after because of its popularity. To shop for art off the beaten path is to find something that is unique but can hold its own amongst the many. Often the artist and his artworks are unknown but have that great potential to attract and become popular once it gets discovered. The best part about artworks considered as off the beaten track is that they are still low priced or even cheap. 

So if you’re about to shop for art off the beaten path, don’t look for them at famous art galleries and museums but in unnoticed or far off and less traveled places. Here are some great places where you can shop for art off the beaten path. 

Artist Co-ops- these organizations hold exhibits and host galleries for budding artists as a way of providing venue where their artworks can be displayed and promoted to the public. Since the artists are still striving to be recognized, the co-op will get paid only if an artwork is sold, usually in the form of commission at a certain percentage. Artists pay membership fees in order to help with the upkeep of the galleries where their artworks are on exhibit. Through this kind of arrangement, the artist can afford not to put a great price for his artwork to the delight of art lovers who shop for art off the beaten path. 

You can find different forms of art works in artist’s co-ops, from pottery to handmade jewelry or from oil painting to photography, and from dyed and hand painted textiles to hand dyed yarns. Though considered as off beaten shops, a lot of art enthusiasts frequent art co-ops as they also want to discover something new and not of out the same run of the mill art productions even if they are housed at high-end expensive galleries.

Another great source to shop for art off the beaten path, are the flea markets. This is where great art works that already have high values owned by once wealthy forefathers were sold by the later generations at low prices. Unknowingly, what they have are in the annals of art which even the flea market seller is not aware of as something that command a higher price. They are art gems which need a little process of restoration and a new frame because they are looking badly distressed and worn out through the passing of time.    

Now if you really want to shop for art off the beaten path as the true meaning of the idiom goes which means remote or far, there’s a little village in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Tesuque. The village is where you will find the Tesuque Glassworks, a quaint art gallery of glass blown objects. Everyone who has been there found it worth their time to shop for art off the beaten path. In fact, they have even observed as to how the glass blowing process can produce artistic masterpieces of molten fluid transformed into interesting shapes and colors. Travelling far, to shop for art off the beaten path in places like Tesuque pays off because there are other art galleries nearby that showcase bronze sculptured artworks. 

Canyon Road also in New Mexico is a good place to shop for art off the beaten path where you can find a host of local artists’ studios. One artist calls his art contemporary expressionism wherein some works were sold for a couple of thousand dollars. But because of the hard times and for being in an off beat path, he is forced to sell for as low as $20 just to make ends meet. 

There’s another good source to look for art that comes from off- beat path and those are the artworks of your family members, relatives, friends or students. Your aim here is to shop for art off the beaten path to appreciate undiscovered beauty and include it them in your many collections as well as to hang on your wall.  Although these people may not even charge you for it because you are actually paying them a complement as well as giving them the encouragement they need.

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