Side Splitting Vegas Shows

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One thing you cannot be while in Vegas is become bored. If you’ve just had about it with gambling or watching the show girls, why not see some side splitting Vegas shows? They promise you’ll find yourself in want of stitches before you get to see all the comedy acts showing in Vegas. You can go to comedy clubs and listen to top rated stand-up comedians or some fancy hotels or diners and watch comedy musical shows. Here are some examples about the many textures of side splitting Vegas shows: 

LA Comedy Club at Four Queens- This comedy club was voted by Last Vegas locals as the best. A lot of Vegas visitor seem to agree that passing through this comedy club even for just an hour of side splitting Vegas show will get you warmed up for the exciting thrills of the casino.

Hearing a stand-up comedian making fun of his triumphs and travails at Las Vegas’ casinos will keep you laughing but will also get you thinking that it’s funny but it’s true.  Comments about people who trek to Vegas have that uncontrollable urge to gamble on anything; even claim that they lost $20 to a Vendo machine.  Some stand-up comedians could really find something funny with some Vegas establishments, like the Excalibur which is a medieval themed hotel. Plus some side-splitting Vegas show puns about porn conventions in Las Vegas, where you have to be careful about the floors being slippery.  

Another favorite topic for some stand-up comedians that earn a rightful title as side splitting Vegas show is about men being jerks and how it can be debunked. The comedian will try to justify men’s attitude compared to women by tracing back Stone Age traditions that made women more refined than men. Women had the fun job of gathering fruits and vegetables and understanding colors as to how one can discern ripeness or readiness for consumption. This practice developed women’s intuitions whereas men were left to hunt. He was trained to keep his concentration at only one subject and that of his prey. That is why men never came out of his state of being narrow minded.  Most couples watching the discussion nudge each other seeming to agree. Humorous as it may seem, it all has a semblance of truth. As parting words, the stand up comedian tells couples that this does not end the couple’s fights but at least removes the bitterness of their fights.     

Menopause The Musical- currently showing at Las Vegas Hilton. This 90-minute comedy musical is a parody of the signs most evident in women who go through menopausal stage. How women from different generations were treated as something different once they go into menopause. Aside from being entertaining but not necessarily a side splitting Vegas show like those of the stand-up comics, the show earned great reviews for being light-heartedly humorous and educational as well. It’s a matter of not being afraid of something that normally happens. Actually a portion of the show is for a fund raising cause for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. 

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding showing at the Rio. The show touches on the funny side of wedding and the roles that family members play every time a wedding takes place in the family. It’s not so much as a side splitting Vegas show, but highly entertaining because it is interactive. The audience is enjoined to participate even at the start of the show. They are considered as part of the cast, being the family members of the bride and groom. In fact, the show has been successful that some audience has given in to requests to attend attired in the outfits they wore for their sons’ or daughters’ weddings. Regulars have come to like the show so much that they have repeatedly seen it with a new recruit in tow. Actually, the proof of success for this show is still running on its 11th year at the Waverly Place in Greenwich Village. It’s hardly a side splitting Vegas show but a Vegas show not to miss because it’s highly entertaining. 

Great side splitting Vegas shows abound and its one good venue to reach out to people for mind enrichment. The shows are disguised as something humorous but most often they are the truth. We laugh as we recognize ourselves and find out that we have a lot of things in common as humans. 


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