Sightseeing in St. Thomas

If you want to see everything that is great about St. Thomas, you should plan your vacation and map out your itinerary so you can maximize your sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas. One thing is for sure, if you’re in St. Thomas and want to do some sightseeing, travelling to the island via cruise ship is not the best option. Cruise schedule will only limit your time. If you want, you can make prior arrangements with the ship’s purser about boarding another cruise ship that will arrive and leave on a different date.  

St. Thomas beaches and its water activities are staple and routine to everyone’s vacation time. There’s one beach in St. Thomas that makes a difference and will give you more than just sun, sand and water and it’s called Coki Beach. Merge beach fun by sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas at Coki beach, since you will see here funky little beach huts and picnic tables covered by bright colorful beach umbrellas making this spot a picturesque sight to behold. Each little hut has some local food delicacy to sell like spicy meat pates. Nearby, you can have your hair braided by the locals, into a nappy style or into dreadlocks if you prefer but for a fee of course. It’s a good place to snorkel and scuba dive and there are masks and fins to rent, just around the beach.  

You can also bring your sightseeing at the center of the Marina where you can see all the colorful boat sails. They’re ready to provide you with charter services where you can scuba dive further to other scuba diving sites. You can bring some packed picnic lunches since there’s a deli nearby who’ll prepare a set picnic meal of sliced meat and cheeses, baked breads and fresh salads.  You may also want to hop onboard some ferry boat going to the nearby island of St. Johns and the rest of the British Islands for more sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas.

On your next sight-seeing schedule, one great place to see is the Butterfly Farm where you can take as many souvenir photos as you want. You will enter a giant mesh enclosure which houses more than 1,000 different butterflies coming from different parts of the world. If you have a high-speed camera with you and want to take pictures of the butterflies fluttering in all directions, do your sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas in the morning while the butterflies are still very active.  Otherwise, visit Butterfly Farm in the afternoon as the butterflies tend to move a little slow, so slow you can easily take their photos while they rest. 

On your next stop when sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas, you may want to go botanical by visiting the Estate St. Peter Greathouse & Botanical Gardens. It’s a gallery and botanical garden rolled into one, nestled on a mountainside 1,000 feet above sea level.  You can view about 20 islands and islets while on this spot then stroll along the gallery filled with local art display. There’s a nature trail outside leading to the botanical spot where you will be able to see and take photos of about 70 varieties of rare plants, some of which are orchids. 

The choices for sightseeing attractions are endless and most of them offering unique experiences to make your vacation more memorable. Other popular places frequented when sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas are the Paradise Point Tramway, Coral World Ocean Park, French Heritage Museum, Frenchtown, Red Hook and so many other vantage points and historical sights. You can prioritize your itinerary according to your preferences, whether it is cultural, historical, festival or shopping sprees. You can run out of vacation days in St. Thomas but you’ll never run out of venues for sightseeing while vacationing in St. Thomas. 

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