Great Skin Care Tips For Men

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Gone are the days when skin care products were meant for women only. Today, more and more men also demand for skin care products since male models are also being commissioned to endorse skin grooming cosmetics. As a result, men are becoming more conscious of their looks than ever before. Nowadays, you can see men lining up in beauty salons previously dominated by women to make sure they get the right haircut that could bring out the best in their looks. As more men are becoming skin care conscious, the market for skin care products have expanded to a different level. This of course works well for manufacturing companies since it has widened their customer base.  

In order to have that good looking skin and beautiful hair here are some skin care tips for men that can serve as their guide:

1. In general, men have large oily pores. It is necessary for them to clean their face every day.

2. To un-clog pores and maintain healthy skin, deep cleansing should be made. As much as possible, skin care cleansing products used must be free from chemicals.

3. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin toned and to drain away toxins.

4. Scrub the skin to take away dead skin cells and make the surface of the face smooth.

5. Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle by avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. Likewise, fruits and vegetables can make your skin glow and healthy and a good way to maintain skin care.

6. Use only oil-free moisturizer and sun screen as skin care protection especially when exposed to the sun.

7. Since most men are exposed to the environment and its pollutants, large amounts of dust are often accumulated in the skin. In turn, the skin pores clog, loses its elasticity and will easily dry up. As skin care supplements, use toners and astringents to clean and condition the face.

8. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and apply sun screen if it cannot be avoided.

9. Use only non-alcohol based products as moisturizer after shaving. Preferably, a light skin care moisturizer is suggested with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

10. Lip balm can be used to avoid lip chapping and cracking. Use lip balm with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to act as sunscreen in blocking the burning ray’s of the sun.

11. Remove grey hair immediately once noted. 

12. Massage the hair with shampoo and thoroughly rinse with water before applying any conditioner.

13.  To have good looking hair, eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B and protein. 

Taking good care of your skin and hair requires discipline especially in observing healthy lifestyle habits. The male skin care models did not obtain their good looks by sheer luck but instead worked hard for it. You too can have beautiful skin and beautiful hair by being conscious of the food you eat and practicing good lifestyle habits. 


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