Skin Care Products For Achieving Beauty

The emergence of beauty and skin care products is already becoming more confusing than ever before. Beauty and skin care products of most companies are widely advertised in almost all advertising medium to gain wide recognition from the public. Their marketing campaigns claim that their beauty and skin care products are the best in the market. Testimonies come from well-known personalities mostly actors and actresses as endorsers of their beauty and skin care products. With these testimonies, consumers are bound to buy the beauty and skin care products even if some of the ingredients are not suitable for them.   

To properly choose the right beauty and skin care products, here are some important tips to consider:  

1. Sunscreen- A sunscreen should have Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 in order to delay sunburn reactions which means a person with sunscreen protection can be out in the sun longer by 15 times. For example, if a person will burn in 5 minutes, it would take 75 minutes to burn with a sunscreen. 

2. Moisturizer- This is commonly used by people with dry skin. Moisturizer rehydrates the skin and some vitamin ingredients will help repair damaged skin. Hand moisturizers as skin care products should not be used on the face since it contains large ingredient of glycerol. Instead, cosmetic moisturizers should be used to encourage skin rehydration.

3. Foundation- The initial step in finding the right foundation is to assess skin tone, type and natural color. Some experts use more than one shade of foundation to emphasize the most attractive qualities of the face.    

4. Eyeliner- if applied correctly can highlight the eyes. Proper application of eyeliner should not be too dark to make it more natural; hence, light colored eyeliner is the appropriate color for the eyes. If properly done, small eyes can look bigger.

5. Eye Shadow- The color of the eye shadow should match the shape and color of eyes. Initial step includes the application of a neutral concealer that matches skin tone of the  eyelid. Next is put the lightest shade from the lash line to the brow line. The final step is to apply medium shade on lower lid and make it blend with base shade. 

6. Blush- is often the last to be applied in a face makeup. Blush can make the facial shape look wider or longer. To have a sexy look, put a little sparkle on the cheekbone near the eyes. 

7. Nail Polish- In order to make your nail polish match your outfit, choose the appropriate color in advance. When applying nail polish, it should be done in a ventilated room. Roll the nail polish bottle in between your hands but never shake it. Use a cotton pad in removing old polish on your nails. 

8. Perfumes/Deodorants- In order to smell good, perfumes are used. To avoid underarm body odor, a deodorant should be used. Do not use perfumes or deodorants the other way around. 

Internal Skin Care Tips

The use of beauty and skin care products is most effective if a person is conscious about the following habits: 

1. Protect your skin from the sun. Wear protective but cool and comfortable clothes. If possible, stay indoors from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or use sunscreen if unavoidable. 

2. Do not smoke since it can cause wrinkles that can make you look older.  

3. Eat a proper diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle to make you look and feel good. 

4. Learn to manage stress to avoid acne breakouts or skin problems.

With these beauty and skin care product tips, you can now choose the products that are suitable for you. It is just a matter of minding the tips and finding the right beauty and skin care products. 

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