Teen Mothers

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 Sex is one word most people are not comfortable talking about. It’s one topic which is popularly considered as taboo. When the matter is brought about, a simple conversation becomes uncomfortable; teens and parents become fidgety and uneasy. Indeed, the subject of sex was kept under the shadows of false impressions and delusions.   

And then, voila! Without realizing it, we are now faced with HIV spread, sexually transmitted diseases, and to top it all, teen mothers.   

We all have sex. That’s a fact. It is but a simple phenomenon in our human lives yet we tend to become ill at ease when we discuss it. As parents, we have the responsibility to properly educate our children about safe sex. If we are to avoid the increase of teen mothers and STDs, then we must take a step ahead making our teenagers understand the drawbacks of unsafe sexual intercourse.   

Parents may have a hard time having to explain, or worst, even mentioning the S word in front of their children. The anxiety may also be the mutual; hence, this will end up in a scenario that nobody has ever brought up the matter where the future of their children is concerned. Just how could I chit-chat something about sex and not get embarrassed with the discussions of early pregnancy, teen mothers, contraceptives, STDs, and so on? If this is your line of thinking, then it is as if you have wasted the future of your children. Just imagine how many teen mothers roamed around the streets, still unsure of what tomorrow would bring for them. Uncertainty is but a huge word for them to comprehend. Had we let them understand, had we communicated with them, maybe we could have lessened, if not totally eradicate, the cases of teen mothers in the world.   

The issue of early pregnancy, teen mothers and sexually transmitted diseases has gone to an alarming level. We, parents, have the obligations to prepare our sons and daughters for what the world might bring. They will not be under your care forever. Therefore, make sure that when they step out of your door, they are smart enough to make sound decisions as far as sex is concerned. 


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