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People are often too busy to sit down and read the morning newspaper. However, they don’t want to be left out of conversations with their peers by not knowing what’s currently happening. The best way to keep abreast is to just look over the top news stories and from there pick up bits and pieces of info on the way to work. 

You can ride a bus or a subway train and you can get to read the rest of the top news stories on your way. The only thing about top news stories is that they never seem to make your day any brighter. You’ll read about young teenagers who got some gun somewhere and started shooting, hitting innocent bystanders in the process. It’ll get you thinking that this kind of top news stories had taken the headlines before, has nothing been done about this kind of occurrence being prevented from happening repeatedly?

Not too often you’ll hear someone asking “Where is the world going to? Or What’s happening to the world?”  Everything seems to be happening in pretty much the same ways as how things happened ever since the Good Lord created man. Back in the days of Genesis and the very first family composed by Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, these very same people could have made it to the top news stories of today.

Here’s how the top news stories could have carried their headlines. “Adam’s Wish Granted, He Now has Eve as Mate” or how about the time when Eve disobeyed God, “First Couple Banished From Eden: Adam Blames Eve for Being Weak”. If people are wondering where the world is going to because there has been too many killings going on, haven’t you wondered where on Earth did Cain get the idea of murdering his brother Abel? In fact, there were only four of them living on planet Earth. That tops the top news stories of the Genesis era: “Cain Kills Abel, Could Jealousy be the Motive?”               

The point is, anything could be the top news stories but it always has to be the most controversial, the most gruesome or most horrific before we take notice of it. If a headline carried a banner about President Obama signing this and that bill, not too many people will be interested in buying the newspaper.

Top news stories tell us the kind of world we live in but if you’ll get down deeper as you would in the Internet, you can have access to different publications about people who tried to make a difference in the world. There are teachers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, taxi drivers, health workers and a lot of good Samaritans from all walks of life whose heart warming stories never made it as top news stories. Perhaps, if we see more of them prominently in our daily dose of top news stories we will all be aware that love, hope and charity is still working in our midst.

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