Ruby Rings

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Ruby rings never fail to mesmerize and fascinate shoppers in a jewelry store. Its fiery blood-red transparent color emits a certain glitter mingled with dark blue hues and can draw anyone’s focus and attention. Red is a color associated with love, hence, it radiates vitality and warmth. A ruby can be considered as a majestic gemstone with timeless beauty. Of all the gemstones, ruby is given the same stature similar to that of a king or emperor. It ranks high along with diamond, sapphire and emerald as one of the four precious stones on Earth. Based on this, ruby rings are also graded in terms of clarity, color, cut and carat weight.

Consider a ruby ring with matching diamonds, right in your own fingers; it can give a sense of royalty to your personality. Aside from that, the ruby ring’s red color can elicit fiery and warm feelings of passion since the color is symbolic of blood and fire. Hence, ruby ring as a symbol denotes power that is intense and all fired up. 

The color of a ruby stone is its most important characteristic while clarity is only secondary. Its many facets bring out its valuable beauty which is quite rare in ordinary circumstances. Once you have ascertained that you have already found your precious ruby ring and have fully authenticated it, do not hesitate in buying it at all.   

Through the ages, ruby folklores and myths have tales to tell. The Black Prince’s ruby of the Imperial State Crown for almost 200 years has been considered by visitors as very valuable but is actually a red spinel. A red spinel is a substitute or imitation of ruby but considered as higher in class. It has become rarer than rubies but its very rarity is the same reason why it never achieved better recognition than the real rubies.  

In India, ruby ring owners are often associated to a social group of people. Commonly, the position they occupy in the society can be considered as being honorable. Their ruby rings are called ”Padmaraga” which literally means “red as the lotus” and are quite important because ruby rings can save their owners from enemies and evil eyes, as a matter of superstitious belief. 

Indian literature includes knowledge about gemstones that has been handed down from generations for over two thousand years. Many Indian words have been used in naming some gemstones. As examples, the mineral term “corundum” is a Sanskrit word for “kuruvinda” while ruby is “ratnaraj”. “Ratnaraj” is the Indian way of saying “king of the gemstones”. In fact, traditions have it that if a ruby is found in a certain territory, the ruler sends out high dignitaries to welcome the gemstone in ways accorded to royalties.


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