Sailing in St. Thomas

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Almost everyone loves the experience of a good boat ride.  What better way to do it than to take a sailing trip during your vacation.  Of all the activities featured in the US Virgin islands tourist destinations, sailing in St. Thomas seems to be the best.  First time boat riders have nothing but good words to say about their sailing experience. On top of that, part of the enjoyment is attributed to the reasonable rental fees. Aside from the fact that the boats are well maintained, are safe and are really fun to ride, experienced sailors can take over the helm for you in case you do not know how to sail.

Sailing in St. Thomas is very popular mainly because the waters that surround the small island are calm and relaxing.  The waves and currents are not that strong and are just perfect for beginners up to intermediate sailors.  Most of the time, tourists or the vacationers arrive at St. Thomas on a plane or a cruise ship because they intend to go sailing in St. Thomas. Even boat rental outlets are well prepared because they have all sorts of boats to offer.  From small boats up to large ones, even styles designs and colors can be met to suit your preferences.  

However, sailing in St. Thomas and renting a boat, will require you to have proper documents. Often this has something to do with your credentials as a competent sailor and your level of expertise. Some sailboat operators will even require a test-drive before allowing you to take the boat out for a ride. In case you don’t pass their standards they will have to provide their own sailor to take you out sailing.  Boats are huge investments and operators just want to make sure that their boat is in good hands.  Besides, your life is also being protected while sailing in St. Thomas. 

Before sailing in St. Thomas, keep in mind that other tourists also want to go sailing in St. Thomas.  It would be best to arrive at St. Thomas earlier than the vacation season so you can have a boat reserved for your sailing pleasure.

In case you’re really bent on sailing in St. Thomas, you can always ask the boat rental company for a guided sailing tour.  Often, a guide doubles as a sailor and will take you around St. Thomas’s waters to provide you the best sailing experience.  A good thing when asking for a guided tour is that your guide is also a professional SCUBA diver.  In this case you can ask for a SCUBA trip and some lessons in diving.  However, SCUBA diving lessons can be a bit costly when taken from the boat rental company and a good alternative option is to get some diving tips from other institutions at a lower cost. There is also a chance that you will be sharing a boat for SCUBA diving with other tourists.

Sailing in St. Thomas is really fun and relaxing all at the same time.  So the next time you visit there, make sure that you get a chance to experience sailing in St. Thomas.


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