San Francisco Feeds Its Guests Well

San Francisco treats guests well by providing them free things to do in San Francisco. To top it all, San Francisco feeds guests well with all the food freebies that businesses have to offer. 

Actually, San Francisco bars lead the way in offering free food to customers during happy hours. In the bay areas, it’s almost like a tradition among the bars and pubs to carry out the city’s unspoken slogan “San Francisco Feeds Guests Well”. Now here are three top happy hour freebies you can check out in case you find yourself visiting the streets of San Francisco: 

1. Palio d’Asti- It’s not just an ordinary Italian restaurant found in San Francisco‘s financial district. It’s top rated and widely patronized. If you want to have a taste of authentic Italian pizza for free, be at Palio d’Asti during its Happy Hour from 4 to 7 pm from Monday up to Friday and order any two drinks and get yourself a free pizza. San Francisco feeds its guest well, which businessmen enjoy while visiting on a tight budget.

2. Maya’s- If martinis are not your cup of tea, how about a $5 Margarita or Mojito and get free Mexican finger foods during Maya’s happy hour from 5-7 pm during weekdays. This place is popular for upscale Mexican food and more so during happy hour, that time of day when most businesses in San Francisco feeds its guests well.

3. Schroeder’s- Happy hour from 4-6pm where free foods are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and is a bit different from the staple freebies offered by the other two restaurants. San Francisco feeds its guests well here with a selection of appetizers to choose from: fried chicken, spicy meatballs and garlic fries. Although a bit retro and outdated in its furnishings, it’s a favorite watering hole because the beers are also offered at reduced prices.  

Culinary events and food festivals is another way how San Francisco feeds its guests well. If you’re visiting San Francisco, you should get an update about the calendar of culinary events and food festivals slated to take place at some of San Francisco/Bay Area hotels and restaurants. Monthly calendars are set where participating establishments feature what they call as prix-fixe meals or set menus. 

They’re expected to be better tasting because the prix-fixe meals are prepared by top chefs of first rate hotels and restaurants for their special culinary events. Checkout what’s currently ongoing and what’s San Francisco doing to feed its guests well:

1. A $7-dollar lunch at the Urban Tavern located at Hilton-San Francisco down at Union Square. Menus change daily and may be anything from spaghetti and meatballs, Irish stew or Pork Posole. The meals are available during lunch hours from 11:30 am to 2:30pm only. 

2. The 2223 Restaurant offers a “12 Buck Tuesday menu” available only on Tuesdays of course. A prix-fixe meal will include the classic meatloaf, pulled chipotle pork shoulder and mushroom risotto, all for just $12.         

3. “Kids’ Night” at Luella is for diners below 10 years old so parents can also treat their kids to fine dining at some fancy San Francisco restaurant at very affordable prices.  There are the $6 chicken pot pies, a $4 Mac ‘n’ cheese and $ 2 mashed potatoes or French fries. “Kids’ Night” is available every Sunday.      

These are just some of the examples of low priced meals offered in places where you would hardly expect to find them. Now you know why visitors have the impression that San Francisco feeds its guests well. Tourists can enjoy a lot of sightseeing and go to high-end restaurants for low-priced gourmet meals as well as drink in pubs and bars that offer free appetizing treats.

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