San Francisco is Not Just Child's Play

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San Francisco is a place where you can get the most in entertainment be it family oriented or strictly for adults. But San Francisco is not just child’s play while you’re in town. Couples can also spend some nights out and experience San Francisco nightlife.    

Now here’s one proof why San Francisco has something else in store for those who want to see San Francisco as more than just child’s play.    

San Francisco Nightlife Tours at the California Academy of Sciences

Bet you didn’t know that the famous San Francisco Museum re-opens its doors for pure child-free San Francisco entertainment the moment the sun goes down. The museum transforms into a cocktail lounge area filled with lively music and the exhibits are said to be educational and science oriented but provocative. The word provocative is quite a big word because it can mean anything from being challenging, to stimulating, to insulting or offensive. 

Clearly, this museum in San Francisco is not just child’s play, because kids will bug you with too many questions if you bring them along. You can participate in this social affair by way of purchasing tickets either by general admission or via Nightlife VIP Tours. It starts promptly at 6pm and will also wind up promptly at 10pm.   

Cocktails will be served while you get to see some friends hanging out at the bar. The Nightlife Tour organizers will give you time to socialize while having unlimited cocktails at the bar area before the guided tour of the museum commences. 

However, there’s a difference if you’ll be holding general admission tickets which will cost you $11.99. You’ll be entitled to the cocktails, the musical entertainment and the museums planetarium show, museum tours and exhibits. The Nightlife VIP Tours ticket holders which cost $58.99 will have the same basic amenities but will be given choice seats at the shows, access to the museum’s 4-storey rain forest and behind-the-scenes museum tours.

The one-hour behind-the-scenes tour is an exhibit of the California Academy’s gem and mineral collection never before shown for public viewing. That is why this kind of entertainment in San Francisco is definitely not just child’s play. You’ll have an hour of discovering fun facts about animals, the planet’s diversity and biology, to be facilitated by the Academy’s scientists. After which, you will be allowed to explore the museum on your own which includes exploring the 4-storey rain forest and visit other museum areas where you may even get to hang out with an albino alligator.   

Nevertheless, you can have your ticket upgraded as the night gets to be intriguing and whet your appetite for more of the museum’s offer. This is really one venue in San Francisco that is really not just child’s play because the experience stimulates adult minds and their thirst for mind enriching experiences.  

San Francisco Nightlife Limo Tours

Here’s another great way to enjoy San Francisco not as a child’s play but as night time tour of the bars, clubs and marinas by riding a limo car or a limo bus along with other San Francisco nightlife explorers. You’ll be picked-up at any hotel or address you provide at least 20 minutes before departure. The nightlife limo tour costs $99 and $89 for senior citizens. If you’re bringing along a child make sure that he or she is 21 years old or older because this tour of San Francisco is definitely not just a child’s play.

It’s a four-hour tour which will kick-off with a champagne toast the moment you step inside the limousine and from there you will be exploring the best night spots at North Beach and the Marina District and will be capped off by a visit to the Palace of the Fine Arts. 

So if you’re visiting San Francisco and seem to missing out on adult type of San Francisco entertainment, there’s always the nightlife tours of San Francisco which are not just a child’s play or entertainment venue. 


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