San Francisco Offers a Little Fun For Everyone

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Saying that San Francisco offers a little fun for everyone is an understatement. Everything San Francisco has to offer and the many ways you can experience them will give you more than little but in fact, lots of great fun. San Francisco offers a little fun for everyone if you don’t maximize your stay by exploring the city in several different ways. Here are some few suggestions:

Ride the San Francisco Double-Decker Bus Tours

You can’t be in San Francisco and not experience being on board its double deck buses; hence, you will say that San Francisco offers a little fun for everyone and not aplenty. There are many double deck bus tours to take and one of your choices is to visit the city’s highlights via the Downtown Loop. The route will take you to the city’s top tourist spots and you can hop on and hop off different buses or stay on the bus for a 90-minute narrated tour. If you will choose the latter then all you can say about your stay in the city is that San Francisco offers a little fun for everyone.

The nice thing about hopping on and off is you can get to stay in one place longer if something takes your fancy or you want to hook up with somebody you met while on the tour. Tour, dine, shop, take pictures and discover San Francisco at your own pace and just wait for the next double deck bus at designated places; a bus will arrive every thirty minutes or so. This way you’ll get to have more fun than you can handle touring San Francisco and not just the offer of a little fun for everyone.  

Now after the Downtown Loop, you may want to see more of San Francisco’s famous spots on board the double deck bus. Take a combination tour of Muir Woods Tour and Alcatraz Island although this has to be taken in the course of two days because Alcatraz has limited visiting hours. This double deck tour will let you explore what’s on the other side of the Golden Gate.   

On your way you‘ll be passing through the colorful Marina area, stop awhile at the Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gates Vista points to take the best souvenir photo shots. Next stop will be Sausalito and get all curious with the curios in souvenir shops and see the interesting art exhibits while others can lounge at some cozy little café. Once you arrive at Muir Woods, you can take all the time to marvel and take pictures of the humongous and beautiful redwoods of California. Double deck buses come and go at Muir Woods so you can just hop on another bus from here to have all the fun, everyone wants to have. For sure, you won’t say that San Francisco offers a little fun for everyone but as much fun as everybody wants. 

If you still have time, just be back at the Golden Gate and take the double deck going to Alcatraz. Otherwise you can just proceed to Alcatraz next day for as long as you have valid tickets. 

A visit to Alcatraz is not about having fun but more on enriching your experience and knowledge of this famous prison also known as The Rock. Its San Francisco’s most popular tourist destination and it would be a shame to miss seeing this significant site.      

Take Other Modes of Travel Tours

There are other modes of transport tours you can board, to see more of what’s in and out of San Francisco, so you’ll know that there’s more than a little fun for everyone.  Take the San Francisco Waterfront Segway Tour or rent your own Segway personal transporter. It’s ideal for the young and the young at heart. It’s a faster and better alternative to see San Francisco and all its breathtaking views. You might also want to see San Francisco on a helicopter tour where you will fly over the Pacific Coastline and see the spectacular sights of Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Marine Headlands and everything else the San Francisco skyline has to offer. San Francisco offers not only a little fun for everyone but all the possible fun you can have while visiting this city. 

Now another interesting way to enjoy the city is by taking the ‘Theater-on-Wheels’, which will show you film clips of San Francisco locations used as locales for famous contemporary and classic Hollywood films. You will be transported to the location as the tour guide will give you the facts and trivia surrounding the movie location you are about to see. 

San Francisco offers a little fun for everyone, if you’ll stick to traditions and waste time wandering about or asking directions here and there. Maximize your stay and have more than just a little fun but as much fun as you can ever hope to have while in San Francisco.


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