San Francisco Offers Great Fun For Kids of All Ages

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Kids have their own ideas of fun and we may think that they’re having a good time, but suddenly have our hands full of tired, bored, grumpy and whining children. That’s one of the reasons why we should also checkout the places like San Francisco has to offer as great fun for kids of all ages. Put yourself in their shoes and try to recall how it felt when you were being pulled in and out of places you considered as boring and not at all interesting. 

Here are some San Francisco offers of great fun for kids of all ages to match up with your kid’s personality, which is another important factor. 

The Exploratorium- If you want your kids to get interested in something educational while visiting San Francisco, you can take them to the Palace of Fine Arts. The place looks like the ruins of an ancient Roman edifice built in 1915 along with its man-made lake. What makes this San Francisco offer of great fun for kids of all ages interesting is that they will be allowed to explore the possibilities of the exhibits on display. Kids can have hands-on experience in experimenting with electrical currents and magnets, as well as explore the potential energy of light and sound and be mesmerized in discovering what goes on behind optical illusions. 

Transamerica Pyramid – San Francisco has this to offer as great fun for kids of all ages not only because its San Francisco’s tallest building. What is fascinating about it is the virtual observation deck you will find in the building’s lobby. At the top of the building, you will be allowed to control any of the four cameras mounted and pan it in any direction you like; be it north, east, south or west. You can capture every interesting view that you will find in San Francisco city.   

24th annual Dance Along at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts- Now here’s what San Francisco has to offer as great fun for kids of all ages especially for the little misses. They can watch the children’s ballet show wearing tutus or any other costumes that coordinates with the current dance theme. Amidst all the dancing performers, the audience, both kids and parents alike will be given their cues to dance and pirouette along.  This “dance along” concept is already recognized as annual tradition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. It encourages potential young talents to gain the confidence in showing off their talents and not at all be embarrassed about it. 

AT&T Park– San Francisco has something to offer as great fun for kids of all ages especially the boys. Treat them to a Giants Baseball game even if you don’t have the tickets to show for it right here at AT&T Park. Take a spot right under the stadium where there’s a standing room and watch a game in progress. It’s near the McCovey Cove where you might have the chance to see homerun balls flying into the water and up close. 

Go Kite Flying at Marina Green or Crissy Field- San Francisco has this to offer as great fun for kids of all ages at the Marina Green. The place is quite ideal for kite flying since it has an expanse of flat grassy area right next to the small craft harbor. Crissy Field on the other hand used to be an airstrip for land and seaplanes. The strip had been converted into a great park complete with picnic tables and bike trails and has a wonderful panoramic view of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. To make the kite flying even more enjoyable, you can let the kids buy their kites at Chinatown or Japantown where they can have a wide selection of choices to choose from. 

Take Kids for Their Own Shopping Experience at Grant Ave. it is San Francisco’s oldest street which offers as great fun for kids of all ages the shops galore where they can find interesting souvenirs and toys including Chinese dragon kites. You can even buy novelty kids’ t-shirts with their names in Chinese characters.      

These are only some of San Francisco offers as great fun for kids of all ages and you can find lots more by checking out tour sites for San Francisco. To save on some costs when riding on cable cars and trams as well as admission fees for museums and exhibits, buy the San Francisco City Pass for the whole family. 


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