San Francisco is Tops in Romance

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It would be hard not to consider San Francisco, the city by the bay, as a romantic getaway for couples. Many songs and a lot of movies have been inspired by the sights and sounds of San Francisco as having the elements that could make romance flourish. In fact, the diversity of its culture has brought a lot of romantic influences, which make San Francisco tops in romance. 

There are little known romantic places to go to in San Francisco which others seem to keep to themselves so as not to spoil the romantic beauty of the place. The pleasure is in discovering these places to keep it unspoiled and private. However, as word of mouth is always fast to travel, you will soon find others flocking to these romantic rendezvous, making San Francisco tops in romance more than ever.  

Check out these little known romantic places to go to in San Francisco:  

Sutro Heights Park

Sutro Heights Park makes San Francisco tops in romance not because of its beauty but of the nostalgic significance of this once private estate. This private estate owned and developed by Adolph Sutro, a former San Francisco mayor and Comstock Silver Baron. The place used to showcase about 200 statues which the former mayor had a penchant for. Today, there is only the statue of The Stag and Diana the Hunter looking over the estate located on a cliff above Ocean Beach.  

Romantic is how anyone who visits Sutro Heights Park will feel as you hear the sound of crashing waves against the cliff walls. The sounds of sea lions are carried over by the wind emphasized by fog horns in the distance. All these complement the most wonderful views not only of the ocean and that rocks that surround it but of the Golden Gate Bridge as well. Visitors linger more than just awhile because the place is kept clean by volunteers who reside around the estate’s neighborhood, lest it once more suffer the years of neglect that left the place vandalized and ravaged. The park truly makes San Francisco tops in romance.

Stow Lake Boat & Bike Rentals

Romantic is having the leisurely time to walk along a beautiful lakeside hold hands and dream dreams together. These are the memories you will treasure in your heart and the Stow Lake where boats and bikes could be rented provide just that experience. This makes San Francisco tops in romance because it still has a place some people could secretly call their own. 

Crowds rarely flock here even on weekends. You can enjoy the waterfalls and the pagodas, row a boat on the lake leisurely or until it gets foggy. The elements of romance will captivate your heart because the atmosphere is unhurried and uncaring of whatever it is that could be bothering your mind.            


Acquerello, this romantic Italian restaurant at Nob Hill has yet to be discovered by many. A romantic dinner is more than just dining by candle light feeling all unnatural and stiff by its classy ambience. Acquerello is fine dining too but the heavenliness of the food they serve and the impeccable service they provide can let you feel loose and relax to eat as many courses as you want. Each dish becomes more palatable and mouth watering; it makes you feel all the goodness of being alive and in love. 

This one of a kind restaurant helps you understand the dishes they serve by patiently describing what the dish is made of and how it is cooked. The best part is you will be more than pleased and not at all disappointed. It makes one want to keep the place a secret from others because as soon as the place gets too filled, its romantic effect will soon wear thin. The relaxing ambience will be replaced by harried servers wanting to please everybody who wants to be served first. Nevertheless, a find such as this make San Francisco tops in romance.      

Pier 14

Pier 14 at The Embarcadero and Mission Street is the place where you would want to be just to lounge and relax so you can focus all your romantic attention to your special someone. You can sit on the nice chairs, although spaced quite apart for lovers to hold hands or wrap arms around each other. The bay and its view provides the right touch of serenity and calm that will make you want to hold someone close in loving embrace. Dream dreams here as you watch boats go by and where sea gulls try to catch your attention. Stare at the beautiful city of San Francisco because it tops in romance more than anywhere in the world.   

San Francisco with its rich diversity has someplace or some niche hidden which you will find surprisingly romantic. Discovering them makes San Francisco tops in romance.


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