San Francisco Offers Fun in Sun And The Water

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San Francisco offers fun in sun and the water but everything about California’s sun and water isn’t quite the same as they used to be. It has something to do with the global warming temperature wherein a blanket of fog can take place even when the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny. The truth about California’s sun lately, particularly the San Francisco beaches is that rising temperatures pull in marine air, giving the beaches a foggy appearance. 

A lot of visitors were taken by surprise that fog could billow like white clouds at low levels yet the temperature still feels scorching and hot. They frantically put on more sunblock lotion and feel foolish at the same time because it’s not at all sunny but foggy.  This info is just to prepare you for what might be in store for you if you’re banking on San Francisco for fun in sun and the water.  

As for the waters in California, particularly the San Francisco Bay area, you should check if there are no advisories about water contamination in the beach water you’re bound for. San Francisco used to offer fun in sun and the water, but coastal contamination has been a serious problem in these areas. Environmental researchers believe that the great degree of contamination stems as far back as the gold mining era and the wastes that had been dumped for years in San Francisco’s estuary. 

Estuary by the way is that part of the water where the river and sea water meet and merge. Unfortunately, people were not so environmentally smart decades ago, thus used the estuary as dumpsite. Millions of tons of wastes had already been dumped and went into the coastal waters of San Francisco, most of them non-bio degradable wastes like batteries which contained toxic ingredients. 

In fact, a number of beaches in San Francisco had been closed because the levels of contamination had presented causes for health problems which usually started as skin afflictions. San Francisco offers fun in sun and the water but not in the same way that the Beach Boys would have described it or as Bay Watch would have presented it.     

Nonetheless, San Francisco offers fun in sun and the water and you may have to resort to other means of enjoying them to make sure the shoreline bacteria doesn’t hit you. Better yet check out advisories first because some private beaches would rather ignore advisories if people still flock to their places for San Francisco’s offer of fun in sun and the water.   

Here are some suggestions to consider on how you can have your outdoor water activities: 

Enjoying a night of bonfire on the beach with friend and family is one way you can take up San Francisco’s offer of fun in sun but not the water please. While the time away by roasting hotdogs and marshmallows and play games or scare each other’s wits with scary stories. Be sure to bring a lot of firewood and dress warmly because the night can get rather nippy. 

However, you should check out which beaches allow bonfire gatherings as there are also environmental issues about wood burning and the greenhouse gases particularly Co2, which the burning process emits. San Francisco offers fun in sun and the water but some locals may be averse to wood burning. San Francisco is already affected by global warming temperatures and adding more carbon dioxide (Co2) will only increase atmospheric heat.  

Fly kites with your kids down by the Ocean Beach as the wind can be agreeable here for kite flying activities. You can simply idle at the beach and do some people-watching or boat rowing especially if California’s nudists from all walks of life will interest you. What are even more interesting are those beaches where both fishermen and nudists mingle as if the former have had their fill of naked bodies strewn around the beach and it’s already ordinary for them.    

There are also San Francisco beaches that avid birdwatchers will surely enjoy. You can find one at the Marin Headlands which is north of the Golden Gate Bridge and its called Rodeo Beach. The fresh water lagoon has attracted a lot of feathered visitors lately since global warming disrupted their migratory routes. In fact, even the kids can take up San Francisco’s offer of fun in sun and the water coming from the lagoons. Part of the lagoon water may be from the sea but by some brilliant act of nature, they are protected by natural environmental conditions.

Despite these environmental problems, San Francisco’s offer of fun in sun and the water by engaging in other forms of activities is still worth experiencing if you’re visiting the city. 


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