Science Museums Teach Children to Seek Truth

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If there’s one great place to visit while in San Francisco, California Academy of Sciences, is one you shouldn’t miss.  The multi-storey building is a one-stop science museum that will teach children to seek the truth about the planet we live in.  It’s basically a green museum which houses a rainforest, a habitat for rare African wildlife, a planetarium, a giant aquarium, a swamp and where restaurants also abound so you can practically spend the whole day exploring all the exhibits without having to worry about kids getting hungry. Food however is not allowed inside the galleries and museums including the rainforest.  

California Academy of Sciences is a rectangular and multi-storey infrastructure where you will start off with an open piazza that divides two huge glass dome sections of the building; one is the Rainforest while the other is the Planetarium. This newly renovated attraction is the epitome of science museum that teaches children to seek the truth about biodiversity, ecology as well as the space outside of the planet we live in.  

However, there are some important points to remember before taking an actual visit to this spectacular science venue:

1. A general admission means you are entitled to enter all museum exhibits including the Rainforest, the Living Roof Observatory and the Planetarium shows other scheduled events if any. 

2. If you plan to explore all of San Francisco science museums that teach children to seek the truth about our planet, it may interest you to know that there are Culture Buses available to provide transport to museums and cultural venues like California Academy of Sciences, Asian Art Museum, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A Culture Bus ticket per person will allow you to travel back and forth the museums and gallery exhibits for the duration of their validity. 

3. The Rainforest section of the California Academy of Sciences is quite popular especially during peak hours and peak seasons like holidays and summer when the city is teeming with tourists. Expect long queues before you can enter the venue to allow for a smooth traffic inside the four-storey rainforest building.    

4. Food and drinks are not allowed while photography is allowed for as long as the camera will not make use of flash or blinding flickers so as not to agitate the animals.    

5. Wear layers of clothing because you may need to adjust to different temperatures while inside the California Academy of Sciences. This building which hosts several science museums that teach children to seek the truth about natural habitats and ecology will have different temperatures. Some may be hot and humid; sections like the Rainforest, has to maintain 82-85 degrees temperature.  

6. Every seat inside the Planetarium is a good seat but the best place to be for an excellent view and sound quality is at the middle seats. 

 Now perhaps, you’re just about ready to bring the whole family for an exciting visit to this one-stop science museum that teaches children to seek the truth about our planet and the universe.   

· The Rainforests of the World as it is aptly called has a collection of flora and fauna originating from rainforests from different countries which include Madagascar, Borneo,and Costa Rica. The place is filled with birds and butterflies; there are about 40 species which visitors will be able to see while peering from the railings. They will be looking down at a water habitat where fish swim and where birds and butterflies fly happily and rest freely on different plants and trees. The Costa Rica Rainforest which occupies the top level of the Rainforest building provides the best view of hummingbirds and giant butterflies. This is a modern day science museum that teaches children to seek the truth about rainforests and why it is very important that they are kept under government protection.     

· The Morrison Planetarium is a 90-feet glass dome structure and is considered as one of the world’s largest planetarium. A special science museum that teaches children to seek the truth about outer space viewed through vivid virtual experience. The planetarium is equipped with a 75-foot-wide 180° screen and high-tech digital projection system which will give the visitors a virtual experience of visiting the entire solar system. Planetarium shows have different themes and will take you to see outer space from an astronaut’s actual experience and point of view.      

These are just the highlights of California Academy of Sciences, one of the modern day science museums that teach children to seek the truth about nature and everything that moves around the universe. It will take you the whole day to explore all that the science museum has to offer and take all the photographs of all the wonderful things about nature.

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