Scuba Diving in St. Thomas

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St. Thomas, US Virgin Island has been proven by snorkelers and scuba divers alike, to be one of the best under sea places to explore. The very fact that those snorkelers at St. Thomas aim to bring their skills to scuba diving levels mean they are greatly intrigued by what else lies deeper. Scuba diving in St. Thomas has been regarded as a stunning experience because there is no end to the amazement of deep sea divers. They discover a huge mass of sea fans and sea whips creating forest underwater scenery. The deep on this side of the Caribbean allows them access to numerous caves they can explore as well as get mystified by boat wrecks that sunk in the deep.  

Scuba diving in St. Thomas also allows them underwater deep sea diving even at night where the nocturnal activities of marine creatures like turtles, blue tangs, bright parrot fish and numerous schools of fry who hither to and fro. 

If you’re to go scuba diving in St. Thomas, make it a point to visit the island during summer and the fall months. This ensures underwater visibility at a range of 60 to 100 feet. Nevertheless, there are areas in St. Thomas you can explore all year round because the area is protected from strong winds and tumultuous waves of the seas. Find yourself scuba diving in St. Thomas in dive sites inside the Pillsbury Sound at Tunnels of Thatch, Lovango Cay, Grass Cay, Mounds at Mingo, Carval Rock, Arches and Congo Cay. The area is close enough to St. John’s Island thus, don’t be surprised to find scuba divers of the other island sharing the site with you. 

If you plan to go scuba diving in St. Thomas, you can seek assistance from St. Thomas dive operators since they know most of the dive locations where scuba divers can have the best diving experiences. These dive operators are willing to teach first timers to dive by guiding them to locations safe for beginners. Scuba divers who are really bent in elevating their scuba diving skills can get certified for every training level that their diving instructors will introduce to them.   

For this purpose, the following are some scuba diving tips when scuba diving in St. Thomas:   

1. If the need for a recompression chamber arises, you can find one available at Schneider Regional Medical Center on St. Thomas, available 24 hours a day. 

2. Make it a point to check your diving gears and other important equipment each time you dive. 

3. It is never advisable to dive on your own. Diving in groups or at least a companion is a measure against accidents and unexpected incidents.  

4. When scuba diving in St. Thomas or any dive site for that matter, the rule is to enjoy the spectacle only but do not touch.  

5. Never make any attempt to pet, disrupt, remove corals or rearrange what you find under water because you’re only an observer and not an inhabitant of the area.  

6. Leave everything as you found them, there are other scuba divers who will also appreciate what you have witnessed.  

7. In case you’re pregnant and cannot resist the urge to go scuba diving in St. Thomas or any dive site, ask permission from your doctor if it is still harmless in your condition. The effects of underwater pressure have never been tested on fetal life; hence the rule when in doubt is not to go ahead with your plans. 

Scuba diving in St. Thomas is an experience you would like to have over and over. The sport provides the right thrills, the place has the perfect beauty and the diver should have the discipline. 


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