See The World in Vegas

Las Vegas by itself is quite a site to see, with its bright lights and the lively influx of people coming from all parts of the world.  Majestic hotels that tower the skylines are quite a sight to see, as well as the neon-lit casino theme logos full of bright and colorful lights; some are dimming while others are blinking. If you want to feel really alive, be in Vegas. The place has become a place of entertainment not only for gamblers but for families traveling together who want to experience something new. If you want, you can also see the world in Vegas.  

See the world in Vegas by taking the Eiffel Tower Ride, all of 460 feet reaching the height of the Las Vegas skyline which is actually the elevator-ride of your life. You’ll reach an exact likeness of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, right in the heart of Vegas.  The elevator ride is like taking a tour of Las Vegas since the elevator is manned by a guide who will show the important landmarks of Vegas in the not too far distance. Be sure to check the photo shop downstairs for a souvenir photo taken while you were aboard the elevator to see the world in Vegas. Tickets for the ride are available at the Eiffel Tower Box Office, prices per ticket is $10 for adults and $7 for children.      

See the world in Vegas and experience a carnival at Rio’s Masquerade Village. Watch the show girls dancing in their new costumes which take inspiration from Victoria’s Secret and DKNY creations. The audience especially the males will surely be mesmerized with the performance of scantily clad dancers executing new dance routines. 

Everything about the show is full of life and energy, performed hourly Thursday up to Sunday nights from 7 to 12 midnight. In case you’ve fallen in love with the girls you can watch the show over and over because the show is free and surely a great way to see the world in Vegas.     

If you’re curious as to what’s happening at Rio’s Masquerade Village from Monday to Wednesday, there’s the lively Latin band of Michito Sanchez & Bahia and still a free show. Expect everything to be rhythmic and pulsating with Latin tunes that reverberate with strong percussions pervading the casino floor. 

Now from Latin you can go see the world in Vegas and travel back in time. Visit the Luxor Las Vegas hotel, and take a ride while In Search of the Obelisk. It’s a motion simulated ride that will take you to a unique experience.  The hotel is very much Egyptian inspired with all authentic Egyptian materials, in keeping with the pyramid structure of the hotel. Entering the hotel will readily give you a hint that you will be transported in time since a realistic Tomb of Tutankhamun is on display at Luxor. An entrance fee of $5 is quite a popular price among the tourists.       

Since we’re on to breathtaking rides, see the world in Vegas and beyond by sauntering over to Las Vegas Hilton. Experience a turbo lift that will take you to the Grand Corridor which you hardly had the chance to see in any Star Trek movies. This is where guests will take a simulated shuttlecraft ride that will transport them to a space journey for a mission. Guests will have to fight off the annihilation of aliens so they can carry out their missions. After completing their objectives, guests will be dropped-off at Deep Space Nine, where they can find a bar and promenade shop that offer Star Trek memorabilia. You can also find other interactive kiosks. 

The whole experience you will get to see the world in Vegas, can hardly find a match in other major cities since everything spells of magic, thrill and glamour. 

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