Pearl Rings

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If you want to find the perfect gift for your loved ones especially for romantic occasions, pearl rings are impressive to give. Pearl rings are suitable for weddings, anniversaries and other important occasions because they symbolize purity especially intended for someone you love. Due to the popularity of pearl rings, faux or imitations are sold in retail stores and become kids’ choices as their gifts for their mothers. You can just imagine the popularity of pearl rings as enterprising businesses were able to capitalize on this.    

As a backgrounder, pearls are produced in the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk which is a hard and spherical object and are said to cause the oyster much pain. Precious pearls are often found in the wild and very rare. For example, black-lipped oysters fetch a high price and are mostly found in Tahiti. Imitation pearls are often cultured or farmed coming from pearl oysters and sold in inexpensive commercial jewelry stores. 

Aside from being used as jewelry and embellishments on lavish clothing, pearls have found good use in the manufacture of paints, cosmetics and medicines. Pearls can come from saltwater or freshwater. Saltwater pearls are in oceans while freshwater pearls can be found in bodies of freshwater such as ponds, rivers and lakes.

Pearls are famous since ancient times and Asian countries have been in the business of harvesting them from cultured mollusks and oysters for centuries now. In fact, China produces the most number of cultured pearls.

Clam farms are used to culture pearls either in freshwater grounds or saltwater pools according to the type of mollusks. To create cultured pearls, an irritant or a foreign object in the form of shell beads and mantle epithelium of another mollusk is inserted in a clam or abalone. After that, the clam or abalone is hoisted back to the water at a depth of seven feet. It will take from six months to three years to harvest the pearls. These cultured pearls are then cleaned to form part of bracelet strings, necklaces, pearl rings, etc.

One distinguishing feature of cultured pearls is that they can be formed according to the desired shapes. Chinese or Japanese freshwater harvesters can make a pearl similar to a teardrop by putting a foreign object of the same shape.  

With the ever growing popularity of jewelry set with pearls, there is constant demand for pearl rings and other pearl studded necklaces, earrings and brooches. 

Perhaps, you now have an idea on what to give your special loved one as present for the next important occasion, a pearl ring. 


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