Exploring Portugal

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Portugal, a place that has been filled with countless civilizations has become a great place for tourists to visit.  All the history and the culture it has amassed throughout the ages have withstood the test of time.  The buildings, monuments and castles in Portugal are really different from among others that existed during its time.  In case you want to take a vacation in Portugal, the places that will be mentioned below will definitely make your visit to Portugal very worthwhile. The best part is, the weather is almost always summer in Portugal, and you can visit the country any time of the year.

Visit the city of   Lisbon. The great attraction of this city is that the people inhabiting the small villages in this area have preserved their culture as much as they can.  Very little has changed from the way the people have lived their lives ever since the first villagers came to the city, except for minor improvements in technology.  Over all this is a very great site to partake and experience great tasting food, breathtaking scenery, and a lot of scenic spots to take good pictures of.

Portugal is where most of the old world explorers came from; hence, its ports and coastal areas must have seen a lot of history unfolding. Portugal is where the world’s explorers like Vasco de Gama and Ferdinand Magellan came from. Even Christopher Columbus who was Italian by origin found Portugal the best place in the world to be, although he was able to get financial support for his New World exploration not from Portugal but from Spain. When in Lisbon, try not to miss the Oceanarium, tagged as the second best gigantic aquarium in the world. 

Explore Madeira, known as a paradise island as the beauty of the island is really incomparable.  The plants and wildlife on the island are truly stunning.  The undisturbed beauty is great for nature lovers who like hiking trips.  The mountains and beaches are also very breathtaking and are perfect for a relaxing hike or just sunbathing in the calming beach. Madeira remains true to what Portugal is attractive for, historical monuments where great civilizations have come from.  

Bask in the sunny beaches of Algarve if you are in Portugal and plan to focus more on enjoying the sun and sand rather than adventures.  This is where you can find many family friendly resorts near Portugal’s wonderful beaches.  The place has clear sunny weather almost all year round.  You can visit Algarve anytime without any worries that bad weather might ruin your beach vacation.

Climb the lava laden slopes of Mount Pico and be rewarded with a stunning view of nature from atop this highest mountain in Portugal. The experience will work wonders for you.  You can choose to just enjoy the scenery from afar or enjoy it up close. You can arrange for trips around the mountain or even a hike up the mountain.  Definitely this is a great spot to have some outdoor adventure especially if you‘ll find yourself inside the dark  5km-long lava tube, an underground tunnel built more than a thousand years ago.    

If you haven’t had your fill of nature trips, then take a guided tour to Azores, – the place in Portugal where you can get to experience active volcanoes amid the calming scenery.  The panoramic landscapes will definitely satisfy your craving for nature.  The untouched beauty of the place is definitely a great way to relax.  Just sitting back and absorbing the beauty of the area really has a calming effect.  So if you are planning to visit Portugal to take the time off and relax, then visiting Azores is really recommended.

Next time you are looking for a great way to spend a vacation in Europe in a tropical setting, visiting Portugal will really do wonders for you.  The tropical weather, the rich history and culture, as well as the exciting nature trips make Portugal one of the best vacation destinations ever.


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