How To Jailbreak A Ps3 With Yellow Dog Linux OS

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Playstation 3 is a masterpiece among other gaming console as it embedded with high end processor where used by most of other IBM system. What this mean is that you not just only can use your PS3 console for games playing but also capable to transform your PS3 as front end powerful computering system that allow you to watch movie, listen to MP3, executing over 2000 applications, games development, internet browser and running other functionality as it like your home desktop PC.

As for today, there are over 145,491 peoples already installed Linux OS on their PS3 console – you can do this as well today. Keep on reading below article to find out how you actually can get this task done with minutes.

Which Linux OS Best For PS3 Console?

When talking about Linux OS installation on PS3, there are total of six different Linux Operating System that compatible with PS such as Ubuntu, Fedora, eduBuntu, Kubuntu ,xuBuntu, YellowDog.

Among those 6 types of Linux system, YellowDog Linux was specially built and the most compatible Linux OS for PS3.

Overview Of YellowDog Linux and Ubuntu Linux OS:

YellowDog Linux (YDL) – YellowDog Linux OS specifically developed and customized to suit PS3 environment. YDL has over 2200 programs and accessories with embedded in the OS itself to give you full experience of a desktop PC.

With new revision of Yellow Dog Linux OS released, it fixed with 100% bug free and compatible with PS3 environment. Base on the YDL interface, it look slightly geeky though but it provide full features of operating a Home PC. Furthermore, you can use your mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, DVD drive and more.

YellowDog build in with over 2000 applications to make your life easier. YellowDog Linux is the prefect choice of OS that workaround with PS3 console that carry out the most of PC tasks.

YellowDog Linux OS include features such as : web browsers, Open office – Microsoft Office Suit, programming tools, PC applications, DVD players – running movie and MP3 files, chat and more. Practically, everything you need on a desktop PC.

Looking on the web how to install Linux OS on your PS3 and confused by all those How-To guides and available on the net? Keep on reading below article to find out how you actually can jail break your console with the right Linux Operating System and how to install it without any technical hassle.

Highly recommended – PS3Magic where is a easy to use software guide to bring you step-by-step on how to install Linux OS into your PS3 console effortlessly.

With PS3Magic, you capable to switch between two powerful and latest Linux OS – YellowDog and Ubuntu both at the same times. Once powering up your PS3 console, you can experience both Linux OS if needed.


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