What Exactly is Love in a Relationship?

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Romance plays an important role in our life, without it, life would not be complete as one can never reach the highest degree of the celestial kingdom. Romance can affect an individual’s emotions greatly as romance means creating an emtional connection with another individual but what exactly is love in a relationship?

Robert Johnson said that, “romantic love is not just a form of love, it is a whole psychological package – a combination of beliefs, ideals, attitudes, and expectations.“. This means that being in love involves a series of psychological thinking that will affect a person’s thinking and behaviour. Using Carl Jung’s theory about the undiscoved self, Robert Johnson proposed that an individual will only be able to fully understand the meaning behind romantic love if they were to handle it consciously. As the relationship progresses, couple will tend to look more alike, reason behind this is that they are constantly mirroring each other’s facial expressions, which, over time, builds muscle definition in the same areas of the face. (Allan and Barbara Pease). All these shows that romantic love is a path to consciousness because an individual is able to understand themselves better by looking at their partner as their partner are actually mirroring themselves unconsciously.

Why did I say that life without romance will not complete? As said by Robert Johnson, when we are “in love” we believe we have found the ultimate meaning of life, revealed in another human being. We feel we are finally completed, that we have found the missing parts of ourselves. A person believes that he is finally completed when he is in love because he has found the missing parts of himself in his partner. But Nathaniel Branden has bring across the point that, “romantic love can generate the most profound ectasy. It can also generate, when frustrated, unutterable suffering.”. Although romantic love can be the happiest thing on earth, it will also bring pain and unhappiness to a person when things do not work out.

Communication is very important in a relationship. “What we want from our partner is interest, the desire and willingness to listen. We want our emotions to be taken seriously, to be respected”, when a person is feeling down, he longs for understanding and respect from his partner. If understanding is achieved, the love between the couple will grow stronger but if it is not achieved, the communication has failed between the couple which results to the emtions of abandonment. Therefore, it is important to have effective communication between a couple so as to maintain a relationship.

It is easy to start a relationship but difficult to maintain it. It requires a lot of effort and time from both parties. When either one of the parties is not willingly to commit or put in any effort, the relationship is definitely not leading anywhere. Therefore, it is important to understand the elements in a relationship so as to have a happy relationship.


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