Biggest Social Network, Facebook

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Facebook is known to be the top social networking website currently. Teachers are using them so as to post notices and information up for their students. People are using facebook to locate their long lost friends in primary school, etc. It is also use for gaming purposes and it is also obvious that people are getting addicted to games on facebook. The user interactivity is also very high as there are highscore boards where you can compete with your friends. People uses facebook to organise outing because there are options of knowing whether they are attending or not with a click of the button. Not forgetting, facebook is so widely used that people are using them to cry for help during emergency too! Even when the networks are down during the earthquake in Japan on 11th March 2011, people are using facebook to update the latest news and to let their family know that they are safe.

Basically, facebook has already become an important part of our life. Most people are so addicted to facebook that they set it as their homepage so that they can have access to it the moment they are connected online. Even if they do not have a computer in front of them, people can still access to facebook via mobile phones. On the trains, you can see people using the facebook applications to get the latest news from their friends. Some of them are also playing games on facebook via their mobile phones!

The status function of facebook is a good place for speaking aloud. People like to voice their unhappiness through facebook. For example, when they see something disgusting on the street and they are alone, they will immediately share it with their friends through facebook status. When they want to announce something, they can also do it through facebook. THey can also update their friends of their current life through the status bar. There are so many uses of facebook. I would not even be surprised if lectures are being conducted through facebook in the future, if there are webcam sessions available on facebook!


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