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If you are planning on taking a vacation, consider taking Princess Cruises. The cruises that they offer are very affordable.  In case you find your world cruise a bit less adventurous, you can take the Princess Cruises that offer very interesting tours bound for a specific country or continent.

The Princess Cruise Company will arrange land cruises that definitely vary, depending on what country you are visiting.  So, here are some of the land tours that you can enjoy while you are on your Princess Cruises:

Princess Cruises to Asia

Angkor Wat Temple – this place is located deep within Cambodia.  In fact, it is in The Lost City of Angkor.  Princess Cruises can send you off on a tour of these mysterious remains of an ancient temple because it can send shivers down your spine.  The place has long been deserted and was only recently found by archaeologists.  They say that it was once a very busy city in the middle of the jungle.  How it survived the harsh elements of time still baffles present day historians and archaeologists. Scholars are still in awe how the ancient people were able to assemble large chunks of stone to make these buildings. Every idea offered is still open to debate as to how they did it.

Ayers Rock and Alice Springs from the land down under in Australia; Princess Cruises will take you to the famous Uluru region and even a tour of the Great Barrier Reef.  It will definitely be a great time for those nature lovers onboard. Ayers Rock found in a place called Uluru by Australian natives which refers to majestic domes of rich red hues. Actually it’s quite an unforgettable vista of caves, rock formations and rock paintings to which you cannot find the right words to describe the exact mystery of what you will behold. The best way to learn about it is to see it firsthand and capture your unique experience using high resolution digital cameras or videos. Princess Cruises will see to it that the tours they will provide will conclude with a visit to Alice Springs.    

The Great Wall of China – Princess Cruises will take you to the Great Wall of China more than anywhere else in Asia. You will definitely be taken to enjoy a tour on one of the word’s most famous landmarks.  The Great Wall of China was built over 2,000 years ago basically for territorial defense during the time of feudal China.  Surely you would enjoy a tour on the wall itself  and a bit of history lessons while on Princess Cruises’ arranged tours. It stretches from mountain to mountain, from the north western part of China it winds its way to the northwestern part of Beijing. The wall underwent enlargements and renovations through different dynasties, where cannons and watch towers were added to reinforce its purpose as a protective fortress.    

Egyptian Treasures –Princess Cruises need not take you over to Egypt just to see the real Egyptian Treasures.  Definitely even a visit to the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient monuments will not showcase the real treasures of the ancient Pharaohs.  Getting to experience the wonders of one of the world’s first civilizations is really great and all you need to do is visit the Australian Museum in Sydney because these are where the real Egyptian Treasures are currently in exhibit.  You will be able to see up close what other people only get to see in illustrations.  Princess Cruises really knows how to make their land tours just as great as their ocean cruises.

Cruising with Princess Cruises will definitely be a wise way to spend your vacation money.  Not only do you get quality service and adventures at sea, but also a lot of adventures while you are on their land tours.  So, when planning for a cruise, make sure to list Princess Cruises at the top of your choices. 


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