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If you want to know the hottest trend in hairstyles, you can get ideas from red carpet hairstyles. These are the hairstyles donned by stars and well-known personalities caught in cameras while attending formal red carpet affairs. By watching entertainment news videos of red carpet galas and events, it will give you a first-hand look of the latest hairstyle trends. Red carpet hairstyles can also be the best source of eye catching makeup, gowns, accessories and a lot more. 

Let’s say you want to go for that classy look, you can add glitter on the eyes to make it appear soft and smoky. This should be complemented by rosy pink lips and highlighted cheeks to make the face appear flawless. Putting up your hair in up-dos the way Natalie Portman and Diane Lane wear their hair will do the job. These are just some of the ways celebrities who wore killer red carpet hairstyles do it to become very eye catching. The affairs that these celebrities attended caught the camera’s attention, worthy to become collectively known as new and fascinating red carpet hairstyles.

Not to be outdone for getting noticed as having a red carpet hairstyle is Freida Pinto. “Slumdog Millionaire’s” Freida had her red carpet hairstyle long and layered and semi-straight hair but with ends upturned in waves. It was very charming indeed as it was complemented by only a minimal of makeup to enhance her Indian beauty. To add color to her Indian skin, she used minimal shadow blush with pink colored lipstick to project very attracting lips. The fans are never disappointed waiting for favorite stars who are expected to attend red carpet celebrations.

The arrival of Jessica Biel wearing her short hair in full shape of a classic bob with multiple tones is a red carpet hairstyle that is soft and wavy, harmonized with her neutral eyes and pink lips. In like manner, Melissa George’s face seemed angelic and glowing. Her red carpet hairstyle of half up-do with the other half in loose curly waves added to her looks. She looked every bit like an angel walking on earth with her white Dolce and Gabbana strapless gown.  

Similarly, the presence of Jennifer Aniston with a new red carpet hairstyle is always a favorite of fashion aficionados. Her French braid complemented her ever happy look since she can really be a good source of inspiration. Moreover, her light pink lips matched the natural pink cheeks adored by many of her fans.

Singer actresses like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles are two of the well-loved favorites when it comes to red carpet hairstyles. Similar to actress Sophia Loren, their smoky eyes are very appropriate for dark colored evening wears. To complete the entire look, classic pulled-back hairstyles coupled with simple makeup bring out the natural glow of these actresses.

Getting the tips mentioned above will allow you to sport different looks that will bring out the sophistication in you. Take note of the makeup combinations that will surely make you look as glamorous as the stars who wear famous red carpet hairstyles. 


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