Understand The Causes of Climate Change

With all the disasters and calamities happening in different parts of the world from last few years, people are starting to raise question as to what the possible causes of this climate change are. The earth, in the last one hundred years has evidently warmed by, the escalating sea levels, sea ice and glaciers melted, the unexpected weather change causing floods and droughts are predicted to reoccur in the future. There has been a rumor going on for quite awhile now about the end of the world and the extinction of the human race.

Climate change is also referred to as the AGW or the anthropogenic global warming, is the deviation in the statistical distribution of weather or climate form of characteristics in over decades and decades of years. Different changes in standard weather conditions or a significant change in the weather distribution. Like the recent of extreme weather occurrences happening in the different parts of the globe.

As human along with technology continue to evolve play a major part that causes climate change. In fact studies show that there could be an astounding ninety percent possibility that our activities in the past two hundred fifty years has caused our planet to warm. Industrial activities and the continuous modernization have produced carbon dioxide; nitrous oxide and methane are the primary culprit of the earth’s escalating temperature in the past fifty years or so.

Cutting down the trees or deforestation is one of the main causes of climate change. Forests are cut down so fast that the replacement of new vegetation could not compensate to the absorption of carbon dioxide. Since there are not enough trees to absorb CO2 , it just continuously being accumulate in the atmosphere.

Our atmosphere consists of gases that stop the heat from getting close to the surface of the earth. The water vapor with some small amounts carbon dioxide which is the layer of greenhouse gases, serve as the Earth’s thermal blanket. It absorbs the heat and warms the surface to an average of fifteen degrees Celsius for which is important in sustaining life support. They allow the rays of the sun entry and refrain some of the heat to exit to outer space. However, the effect of human’s daily emission make the greenhouse effect stronger resulting the heat to be trapped thus the unnatural change in climate.

Human activities like burning oil, gas and coal contributes a great deal in climate change because of the changes in the quantity of the atmosphere’s green house gasses. Fossil fuels are burned to produce energy which is used in transportation, cooking food, manufacturing, treating water and etc.

The continually growing population means a greater demand for food, employment, agriculture and energy which translate to amplified emissions. A great percentage of carbon dioxide emissions are from common individual’s use of energy at home.

Every individual should start being aware of the causes of climate change and how of our daily activities contribute to the deterioration of our planet. We must have a conscious effort to lessen pollution. By simply turning our home appliances when not in use, walking instead of using vehicles for short distances destinations will enable us save to do our share in keeping our planet safe.

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