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 Romania.  It is a great and lively place where you’ll have the impression that it’s still in the middle ages.  Though the appearance of some of the buildings and establishments in this busy country is a bit outdated, everything in Romania is up to date.  The buildings may look old, but rest assured they are well maintained.  A lot of tourists are even amazed at how Romania has managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage.  In fact, they are so well preserved and maintained, most structures appear as if they were just built a few years ago.  For all the sightseers out there who would love to take a vacation in the mystical ambience of Romania, here are some of the famous destinations you can visit:

The Black Sea is one of Romania’s most popular tourist spot.  The beaches are great and the views are simply stunning.  The beaches stretch from Mamaia up to Mangalia.  There are lots of great resorts to choose from where services are also very popular because each resort competes with the other establishments. Tourists and guests come out as winners since resorts go out of their way to attract customers by showing that they are the better service providers.  The place is very rich in culture and history as it is even mentioned in Grecian times when the first seafarers of the world were just emerging.  Up to now ancient relics and artifacts are still being spotted in different areas.   Another great thing about the place is that the sands of the beach are said to have healing properties.  It can do a lot of things from joint pains up to muscle disorders.  So, if you are in Romania, don’t miss out on a chance to get to enjoy the therapeutic beaches of the Black sea.

Historical ruins – from folklore up to literature, Romania has been very popular.  The dark eerie setting is a great set up for the thrilling horror stories.  The castles in Romania are like those described in the famous books of Bram Stoker up to Jules Verne. If you have read their novels the castles are definitely worth a visit because it can transport your imaginations to the era described by the novels.  Some buildings may seem like castles at first glance because of the massive fortifications, a closer look will reveal them as churches heavily fortified.  One could just imagine the number of invasions this country had survived over the ages, just by looking at the intense fortification of its ancient structures.

Medieval Towns – if the castles and churches were not enough to satisfy your thirst for history, then try taking a tour in Romania’s Medieval towns.  The houses are guaranteed to be a couple of centuries old.  What’s fascinating about these towns is that they are all protected by a wall.  Romania’s towns are more than just tourist attractions because they are mentioned in horror books.  The rich culture is still being preserved in the towns today.  Even if there are cars parked outside of the buildings, a person will still find it hard to believe that he is living in modern days.  The buildings, houses and walls are very well preserved and are certainly great works of architecture and art at the same time.

National Parks – as for nature lovers, do not fear about being bitten by vampires or werewolves in the wilderness.  As soon as you visit the national parks of Romania, you will forget all of the fictional nonsense about Romania.  The beauty of the place is really breathtaking and any direction you face, will present you with a variety of landscapes and scenery.  It even has its own thousand-year old glacier.  The glacier has been dated as existing for over 3500 years.  The Scarisoara glacier as it is formally called is even considered as the second largest underground European glacier. 

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