Royal Caribbean Cruise

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Royal Caribbean cruise lines visit numerous ports of call all over the world.  In fact, the number of ports of call available reaches more than a hundred, that in almost every site and location of the globe, you will find a Royal Caribbean cruise at the docks. 

You can be anywhere in the world on board a Royal Caribbean cruise; from the warm and sunny beaches of the Caribbean islands to its counterparts in Europe and the Mediterranean.  To help you decide on what better type of cruise to choose, here are some of the famous destinations of Royal Caribbean cruise plus some information on the things you can do while you are there.

Alaska is always the best place to visit when you want to enjoy vacations with snow and glaciers. You will be taken for a cruise on the whales’ migration routes where you can see whales passing through the same part of the sea for their annual trek.  A Royal Caribbean cruise will take you right alongside them as part of your cruise to Alaska’s snowy wilderness.  It is a great opportunity to see nature firsthand and to take stunning pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Royal Caribbean cruise wouldn’t be called Caribbean for nothing if it didn’t have a cruise of its namesake.  But it’s called “royal” for all the majestic fun that you will experience while onboard and sailing the Caribbean seas.  The sun and sand are definitely the greatest assets of the Caribbean region where you can take some scuba diving or snorkeling lessons. It’s also where you can enjoy the authentic and exquisite cuisine offered by the island’s locals. There are countless ways to spend a vacation in the Caribbean with all the rich natural resources present in almost every island, historical and cultural sites and a diversity of marine life to explore deep under.  You’ll never run out things to do and enjoy in every island. 

The Royal Caribbean cruise can also take you onboard for a tour of Europe.  The vibrant cities, the exciting nightlife and most importantly where most of the world’s history and early civilization originated from the most ancient, to medieval up to the modern era.  You can go on a land tour and visit the remains of ancient civilizations or just indulge in the glory of the world’s greatest artists found in Paris museums.  Any way you look at it, a trip to Europe is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

One of the fastest growing cities to date is Dubai and Royal Caribbean cruise is offering you a chance to experience firsthand the latest technological advancements in architecture.  Even the hotels are the first of its kind as themes are taken to different levels of practicality.  For example the World Islands which is the largest man made islands can be found here. You will find every island and continent of the globe replicated and are offered to private developers at a price range that starts at US$6.85 million. 

After the sightseeing trips, try their extreme sports like sand skiing or taking dune drives.  You may think of it as impossible but you can also ski on snow while in an arid region like Dubai. Visit the indoor skiing facilities, which come complete with actual snow slopes in a refrigerated and not just air-conditioned interior of the building.

Royal Caribbean cruise also offers repositioning tours.  It might sound a bit complex, but to make the long story short, it’s a cruise that will take you to places you do not expect and guaranteed to be at different ports of call every day.  This is where you’ll wake up in a different country each day where you can take a tour of that place while the ship is docked for that particular period.  This is a great way for you to enjoy a cruise especially if you really enjoy exciting adventures and surprises. 

Enjoy a Trans Atlantic cruise which is another Royal Caribbean cruise that features a lot of destinations.  Here you will be able to visit the Canary Islands, Ireland, France and Portugal a lot of destinations just spells out a lot of fun.

Planning a cruise is easy, all you have to do is book with Royal Caribbean cruise. What to pack in your bags should be your main concern because you‘ll have all sorts of climate and weather to experience while visiting almost all parts of the globe. One thing is for sure though; your vacation will definitely leave you with great memories. 


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