Red Chicken Curry or Ayam Masak Merah

Ayam Masak Merah or Red Chicken Curry,translated the dish is known as Chicken cooked in red sauce.Ayam Masak Merah is a famous malay wedding dish .You can come across this dish widely in many functions.The original recipe is chicken marinated with turmeric and salt. It is then deep fried.A sauce or gravy is done to coat the chicken.The gravy comprises of dried chillies,tomato sauce,tomato puree ,a mild use of ginger garlic paste,and a generous amount of sliced onions. The dish is dried and has a fiery red colouring in presentation. One can but not appreciate this beautiful and tasty dish which goes along well with nasi kunyit or beriani.My recipe today actually differs slightly from its original recipe.As I have come across tasting this Ayam Masak Merah which has a rich coconut milk gravy to it. I will of course share the original recipe another time, but for now I hope you enjoy and try out this beautiful recipe as well.I have tasted the dish but do not know the actually ingredients.So it is to my discretion that this recipe has been created and frankly I am happy of the result because it actually tastes the same as to the one I had in mind.

Tomato is the main ingredient that makes this dish special.Tomato is such a versatile fruit.It is widely used in many dishes across the world.Known as the apple of love by the French,tomatoes help to stimulate blood circulation with its high level s of vitamin C.The Aztecs and other peoples in the region used the fruit in their cooking while the southern Mexican started to cultivate it probably by 500BC. Aztec writings have mentioned tomatoes were prepared with peppers, corn and salt .Therefore its no wonder of the variation tomatoes have brought to food through its existence through out the centuries. What with its appearance –red and luscious ,it is considered a passion inducing sensual food.

800gm chicken
1 large tomato(chopped)
1 ½ tbsp tomato puree
3 tbsp tomato sauce
2 lemon grass(bruised)
1 ½ cup light coconut milk
1 cup thick coconut milk
Salt to taste
1 sprig curry leaf (optional)

Grind to a paste

2 large Bombay onions
5 red chillies
4 slices of ginger
3 nips garlic

Heat 4 tbsp oil, add in chopped tomatoes and cook until it come to a very soft paste ,add in the grind ingredients and sauté further until the spices are aromatic. Mix in tomato puree and stir further.In between add in chicken pieces, lemon grass,tomato sauce and salt.Mix well so that the chicken is well incorporated with the spices.Leave to cook for about 2 mins. Reduce the heat and pour in light coconut milk,stir and leave to simmer very gently. Finalize by adding the thick coconut milk and once it bubbles a few times,close fire.Taste and adjust seasoning.Best serve with briyani, Nasi Kunyit,White rice or even with bread.

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