Live With Full Zeal And Courage

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In one story, there is a young man who wanted to approach a girl. He wants to marry her because beauty and tenderness of heart. But he is nevertheless approached her because he felt there was something missing in him. Then he prayed to the gods to be good looks. Dewa also hear and grant it. The man was absurdly happy, because just once prayed immediately granted. He thinks that with his good looks will surely captivate her dreams were. A few moments later when he wanted to approach her hero, he still feels something is missing in him. He felt that his body was too skinny and his skin is not white. He also prayed again. After hearing the petition, the gods grant it immediately, even god also give a bonus, the young man’s hair maketh it better and neat, with a glittering black color.

How happy the young man. Two are required, three earned. But he still feels there are deficiencies in him. He felt he was not smart and not smart. He was afraid that when meeting with his hero girl later said the look and physical capital only, but a big zero in thinking. He wants to be smart and intelligent. God that feels sorry for it later granted the request of the boy. But somehow the young man still lacks confidence. He’s still feeling insecure because a lot of rich young men who also approached the girl adored it. He wanted to have jewelry, luxury homes and nice cars. He felt, with so do not be embarrassing if it approached the girl’s dreams. So god had made him rich.

The young man was very happy, she felt her confidence to be many times over. He was proud of himself. But by the time he would approach his ideal girl, he saw the girl was accosted by a handsome young man. He was a wealthy nobleman, a well-respected in this town because it is the relatives of a governor who led this city. Young man’s heart became faint because she felt nothing when compared with the young nobleman. He also appealed to the gods for his body was given a sign that he is a nobleman of sovereign rulers of this country. But the god did not give any response, the god just stay quiet. Then the young man asked, “Why are you silent, O the gods?” “Actually it’s not your problem lies in what appears to be physically, but the problem is because you are spirited Dwarf!”

Courage a person does not depend on the size and physical strength, courage someone also does not depend on the number of properties owned, but depends on mental strength and firmness of the soul. Call it Gen

Sudirman, he was physically weak, everywhere should be on crutches, but it did not weaken him to continue to struggle against Dutch colonialism. His enthusiasm was so high in order to liberate this nation from injustice. In a lung condition that only one, he is still capable of moving the forest and out guerrilla freedom fighters to continue fighting the Dutch army. And the Indonesian people proud to have General Sudirman, its contribution to this nation so great.

Courage is the key. He changed the impossible becomes possible. Changing the deterioration of the success. Changing tyranny into freedom. Changing failure into success. Indeed, every
must have the courage to risk. Without courage in taking the risk there would be no progress. Because there is nothing no risk. For that potential will dig courage and spirit in us. Do not feel we do not have that trait. We all have those traits. Only, perhaps those traits are not developed to a level that we want. But those traits in us. And maybe even we do not know, those traits in us. Just as someone who did not know there is treasure hidden in her backyard.

Once out, she would immediately explore, and exploit it. We all have a treasure hidden in us. The only we have to do is dig and lift it upwards. Once we found it, thinking and our behavior will change. Typically, successful people have a beautiful dream and large, have aspirations to achieve prestasipuncak. So impassioned zeal to reach what he aspired to, her heart full of joy motivated, passionate, and her eyes bright. However, not all of us dared to dream big and beautiful. And with having big dreams, we do not have to pay. So to dream big requires courage, not all dare to do it.

Successful people not only dared to aspire to, but also must have the courage to start. In choosing the first step it usually makes your chest vibrate violently. Remember that everything must contain risk. With risk management, the courage to grow, with sort of the biggest to the smallest risk that we might receive. The biggest risk is death. In a lecture session for example, if we want to ask but are afraid then just use the risk management. Is if we ask, we will die? That requires a great energy in starting. The good news, if we have to start the next job will be easier to do. For existing working patterns.

In real life, we will always be met by people who usually just criticize, scorn
and degrading treatment. Well, that’s the way live in a society. Do this wrong, do it. Whether we will always follow what they say? Disgusting indeed met with such people. They like to criticize anything. On the other parties we are, they certainly were on the other. They criticize as if to win the contest. They find fault in everyone and every situation. They make themselves and those around them became strained.

Robert Fulton the steamboat created on a day to show his new creation in the Hudson River. Pessimists and the skeptics that people come watch comment, the ship will not be turned on. But it could and the ship continued to sail up a river. The pessimists who say the ship could not be turned on and started shouting, the ship will not stop.

If someone says to you, that what you stand for or want impossible to achieve or business is not balanced with the result, look at him properly. What have been achieved in his life. Probably you will see, it was not much he does. Successful people are those who optimistik.They in the habit of success because they have long learned to listen to themselves. Not listen to people who love to see it fail. We do not need to be close with people like that because it was just a waste of time, which will eventually affect the establishment and our thinking. Mix with people who always think positive and optimistic. Or the talk-talk we use them as whips pessimistic towards our success.

Indeed necessary for success of a process. In this case not all or only a few people who dare to stand in the issue process. If someone in doing business, trading for example, and he is oriented to process rather than on results, then he will never lose. People who think it is a process oriented way to achieve success. Loss is a deferred profit during the evaluation and continue to improve. But for those whose orientation ‘results’ would he be disappointed, because the result is ‘loss’. In the process does require perseverance and patience. Sometimes we like to people who are successful and want to be like him. But we never see how he attempts to be as successful as that. To the extent that Soichiro Honda, Honda automobile factory owner said, “People see my success is only 1%, but they do not see 99% of my failures.” Success does take a process, at other times sound asleep, on the other hand there are those people who keep on work hard racked his brains and energy to achieve a goal.

Every person is different, each one of us has a unique individual. However, not all
people dare to raise its uniqueness. Some people tend not to believe in themselves to realize uniqueness. This can be understood because our society is usually less ready with something different or something new breakthroughs. And people are usually called strange. Therefore it takes courage to be different. Different people, not me-too are creative people, so that at a later time, perhaps long term, then people understand and admire. It usually amounted to little brave, new after all this time people understand and praise. Communities may later say, “Why did not occur to me?” People who dare to have a great sense of confidence. So it is likely to be successful even more wide open.

Someone who does not do something, usually it is not capable, but lack of determination. Being a coward is yangpemberani or choice. God will not change the circumstances of a people unless the people want change himself. If you are a coward and want to try change yourself surely God will help. Keep in Mind; determination! And do not ever scared! Will not miss what will happen to us, and it will not happen to us what is not destined will happen to us, even though the entire population of the world unite to commercialize them. All is set up according to His qodho and qodhar. “Laa tahzan, Allahu anna ma!” One duty of a Muslim man is lowered into the earth became caliph, the leader of civilization. Of course, without courage, it was impossible to happen.

If we making every effort, supported by praying. Because prayer is also a strength. Keep in mind that any success we achieve and courage that have no right to make make ourselves to unbelieve.There is still God as Essence of the Supreme Creator and master of everything. And Allah loveth not those who act arrogant boasting.


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