Red Bean Pancake

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1 cup plain flour
1 small egg
½ cup milk
½ cup +3 tbsp water
A pinch of salt

Filling/Sweet red bean paste
500gm red bean(soak in water for 2 hrs)
5 tbsp sugar
3 cups water

2 tbsp roasted groundnuts,(deskin)
¼ tsp icing sugar

Filling:Cook the red bean until soft and mashed it into a paste.Cook it dry and leave to cool.You can also pressure cook the red bean , sieve and then make it into a paste.
Batter:In a bowl, mix in flour,egg ,milk,water and salt.Use a whisk to make it into a smooth batter.
Heat a wok.Turn the wok at all sides so that there is enough heat at all sides.Then grease the wok with oil.Make sure there is no excess oil on the wok. Grease as round as you want your pancake to be.Pour a ladleful of batter from the side slowly then turn the wok so that the batter is evenly coated and have a beautiful round shape.Close fire immediately.The pancake will cook in the heat.Do not turn the pancake,leave it in the wok.
Take a plastic sheet, place a handful of red bean paste on it, make sure its dried , place another sheet on top, slowly spread it with a rolling pin as thin as possible, make it into a rectangle shape ,just nice to place on the middle of your pancake(which is still on a wok).Slowly transfer the red bean paste into the pancake.Take the edges of each side of the pancake to cover the red bean.If you can still see the paste after sealing all edges,then take a bit more batter and cover the expose area,reheat the wok again, and slowly turn the pancake side down,and leave to cook slightly so that it seals the pancake.If the pancake seals beautifully at all sides, you still have to reheat the wok and turn the pancake .This is to ensure that the sides don’t open up.Transfer to a plate.

Do the same until all the batter is used up.
Heat about 2 to 3 cups of oil.On medium heat slowly slide in the pancake and leave to fry until the pancake turn brown or crisp.Dish out and transfer to a paper towel.Cut into a few parts and serve on a plate.
Topping: Coarsely pound the groundnuts and mix it with icing sugar.Sprinkle on the pancake and serve immediately.


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