Different Kinds on Desktop Printer Inkjet Inks And Its Uses

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Inkjet printer is one of the most popular and useful technology that the society uses today. Many offices and even homes users use inkjet printers for their works and personal use.  You can print beautiful photographic images and pictures through inkjet printers.  Dye inks is a wat  (K), and Light Cyan (LC), Light Magenta (LM) for 6 colors inkjet printers . Dye inks are a water soluble inks.

Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, China and Philippines has the most number of inks manufacturer and distributor, and a wide variety of inks types that are suitable in most printer brands and models.

There are many types of inks that are available in the market nowadays. But these are the three most popular inks types; these are the Dye Inks, Sublimation Inks and Pigment inks. These inks are supported and can be use in most printer brands and models that are available in the market.

Dye Inks

Dye Inks are water based inks, it is a very popular and common types of inks which is usually uses in desktop printers.  Dye inks printer is used to print in an ordinary papers, coated papers and photo papers. It is the widely used inks in printers for offices and home usually used to print documents reports and presentations. It was the most cheaper and low cost inks.

Sublimation Inks

Sublimation inks are the inks that usually used to print in mugs, t-shirt, mouse pads, plates and others.  It means that sublimation inks usually connected to promotional products companies, souvenir item and other collectibles. Sublimation inks need a sublimation paper in use it in printing in ceramic and other materials that sublimation inks is applicable. It is designed to be use in heat press technology. Heat press is the process of transferring an image or images printed on a paper to the material such as ceramic mugs, plate’s tiles and others.

Pigment Inks

Pigment Inks is the newest inks type that manufactured and distributed by most companies in Asia. Pigment inks and dye inks differ in ink molecules.  Pigment inks particles didn’t absolved into the paper unlike dye inks that it’s a particle absorbed into the paper. Pigment inks are commonly use in t shirt printing using transfer papers.


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