Osama Bin Laden And The Future of Jihad

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sama Bin Laden is dead and reportedly buried at sea.  The Americans are celebrating, but I do feel the celebrations are a bit premature. The death of Osama could be the precursor to a more terrible jihad.  Islam as we all know has been fighting holy wars (Jihads) for  nearly 1500 years. It is something built into their psyche. Thus there is every chance that though Osama is dead and gone, his ghost will exhort other Islamic fighters to carry on this struggle of ‘jihad’. There is no doubt that large numbers of Moslems do not follow the policy of Jihad, but again a large number do feel a holy war is justified and it is from these that the movement will be strengthened. Fighters are available from the Middle East, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and other places to fight in this holy war. thus the sad part is that there will be a large number of fighters chasingan impossible dream. A dream fueled by Osama and his assistants. The question is not whether the dream is a reality, but the fact that its there.



President Obama has rightly announced that ‘we are not at war with the Muslim world’, but who will listen to him? I understand a lot many Muslims have been hurt by the shooting of bin Laden and quite few are unhappy with his burial at sea. Thus despite being dead Osama remains a cult figure, something like Che Guevara. The USA and the Western powers will have to guard against a back lash that could sting. The ghost of Jihad has not gone for 1500 years and is not likely to go away so soon. So let us not celebrate, not yet at least.

On the contrary there is a need to gird up ones lions for a further struggle that in all probability will be long and hard. The USA will have to lead this even with a non white President. He will have to take India into confidence and pinpoint Pakistan as the epicenter of terrorism. It is not easy, but there is no choice.As was proved during the crusades the Muslims do not give upeasily, so a long struggle is on the anvil.


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