How Much Sperm Does it Take to Get Pregnant

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Hi friend!
You are meeting the real experiences from a man who was called an infertile person. Before becoming a father, I was called infertile because my sperm amount was not enough to help my wife become pregnancy. At the first time I tested my sperm, I had only five millions ones. Like you,I also wondered how much of sperm can help me. I asked my doctor and he said that it might be about 20 millions. That is the average amount of sperms for a man to become father. And here, I will help you how does it take to increase your chance to make your wife pregnancy.

How to increase your sperm count much more to get pregnant:

The first thing I want you to undertake yourself is you really want and will try your best to become father now. If you are not strict with this target, you will not have enough driving force to do other things to get your goal. To be pregnant, the more your efforts, the much more sperm you will get. And the below paragraph brings to you a list of top “things to do”:

Avoid cigarette, it kills your sperm so fast:

Cigarette is known as the “best killer” for sperms. It can drastically lower your semen flow. It is not easy to quit from smoking but if you want to have your own baby, this is “MUST DO” thing.

Stop drinking spirits, it kicks your sperm away:

Is called as the second on top dangerous things for getting pregnant, hard liquor breaks down all your efforts of increasing sperm amount faster than you can think. You will lose on the racing road if you have a competitor as spirits.

Doing exercises more usually and see your amount of sperm increasing:

Doing exercises are not only good for your body, but it is specially good for your ability of getting pregnant. With the sensible exercises, your blood will flow stronger in whole your body, of course, it will be includes your sexual organics. This not only helps you last longer your intercourse but it makes your sperm stronger, more active and have a longer life. All of these make your fertility coming up remarkably.

How much sperm it took when I was trying to get pregnant:

As I said, I had only 5 millions sperms at the first testing. After one strictly treatment month, it raised to 13 millions. I still had not baby yet. But the result made me more excited and I tried more. One month later, my number is about 20 millions. I still had not baby again. Although I was so sad but a ray of hope still glistened in my heart…
And “what will be, will be!”
About a half of month after that time, the pregnancy indicator of my wife showed the second line. Oh my god! I can not express my feeling at that time with any word. Nothing can reveal it. My wife was pregnancy. I was becoming a father! Thank god, thank life!

Now, when I am writing this real story for you, my daughter is sleeping. Her lips are like smiling pink petals and they seem to tell me: “Daddy, I love you!”


I know you can say that getting pregnant is not easy like it sounds. Of course, I agree with you. What you need is a blueprint that shows you a step by step plan to do. OK, you can get it at the bottom link of this page. I believe that it can help you as helped other couples became parents.


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